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Defiel is a diversified preparedness focused website aiming to improve your ability to be prepared for whatever your concerns are. Not everyone preps for the same reasons, so we try to be practical about our content and our resources. Look to to be your prepper website for unique, fact-based takes on the survival, homesteading, preparedness and defense topics.

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We are a premier provider of food-related prepping content that covers things from shelf stability, to prepping with food to emergency food planning. Our Articles about Food Storage are shared everywhere and we provide some of the best practical content on the internet for those trying to be prepared with food storage and food related skills for preppers.


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We offer one of the largest content resources for Survival skills on the internet. From Wilderness survival, to Urban Survival to survival product reviews, we are a premium resource for learning about survival skills. We are the premier PREPPER WEBSITE on the internet.

How to Prevent Cooked Food from Spoiling

How to Prevent Cooked Food from Spoiling

Are you tired of tossing spoiled food into the bin time and again? Going on a journey to discover how to extend your cooked meal’s life beyond its usual expectancy doesn’t have to be an uphill task. There are many ways this can easily become part of your daily routine...


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We offer a breadth of homesteading articles that challenges any other website on the internet. Our Homesteading content ranges from protection planning, to sustainability, to tool reviews, and also includes practical guides on “how-to” for Homesteading. We cover animal husbandry, practical skills and other homesteading-centric content. 


CLICK below to browse Defense Articles is a premier provider of Defense related articles. We try to cover all the necessary content needs for our preparedness-minded audience. Our Defense Articles cover firearms, and edged weapons, as well as protection planning, defending your home and other defense specific content. 

Bulletproofing a car – some notes

Bulletproofing a car – some notes

This article is a great one for urban preppers or super hardcore folks anticipating major conflict in and around their homes. We want to explore some of the considerations surrounding the idea of bulletproofing a car. If you came to this article because you’re...


CLICK below to browse Preparedness Articles offers one of the largest repositories for internet content about Preparedness. Our Preparedness Articles range from food prep, to Preparedness product reviews, to mindset and information that is important to preppers. has been featured on:

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The Prepper Website you’ve been looking for – We are a Pepper’s best resource is a Prepper Website at heart. We consider ourselves an important resource for people who are contemplating homesteading, prepping, learning survival skills or who are already engaged in like-minded activities. We work hard to deliver what you need in a prepper website. Our pages are filled with premium content for those who want to learn about Defense, Homesteading, Food and Food sustainability, Wilderness Survival, and other concepts, including our world class reviews on products in the preparedness space. If you need food storage information, want to learn skills in bushcraft, or need to verify whether something you heard is true – this is the ultimate resource for preparedness content on the internet.

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