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Defiel is the best preparedness website that goes above and beyond. We give you all the right information about survival and preparedness. This booming survival and preparedness blog has a bold purpose.

“To connect survivalists and preppers alike, and provide them with actionable tips and the best quality products to survive whatever this dangerous planet throws at them.”

At Defiel, we consult many experts with a wide range of backgrounds to get you the best expert advice on survival and prepper tips, gear, and much more. We aim to be a one-stop shop for those interested in survival, preparedness, food, homesteading, defense, and everything in between.

We take our articles very seriously, and we try to be logical and trustworthy, with no strings attached. We take a no-nonsense approach with no bias or untruthful myths. 

You will sharpen all your survival skills, and we will help you through your survival and preparedness journey.

We are a small team of survival experts who strive to learn everything about survival so that we can give you the best of it. 

We are excited to share everything we know about our own experiences.

We are qualified authors and people with decades of actual experience in the field of survival and prepping. Here, we will help you develop your skills, select your gear, and survive under adverse conditions.

Ultimately, the weight is on you here, but you don’t need to face it alone.

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