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Gift Guides for the Preparedness Community

prepping gifts for women

Gift Guides for Women who are Preppers

See our favorite prepper items that are generally of interest to our female followers, staff, and preppers who are female. 

gifts for men who are preppers

Gift Guides for Men who are Preppers

See our favorite prepper items that are generally of interest to our male followers, staff, and preppers who are male. 

gardening gifts

Gift Guides for Gardeners who are Preppers

See our favorite prepper items that are generally of interest to our gardeners and preppers that like gardening, and homesteading. 

Product Lists for the Preparedness Community

food storage products

Food Products for Preppers

See our favorite food items for prepper pantries by clicking here and see if you have been missing out on some excellent food products you can be using day-to-day, and prepping for the future with.

survival products

Best Survival Products

See the best survival products you can buy – a list of indispensable products for the ultimate preparedness minded user. We strategically compiled a list of proven and capable survival products that you’re going to want to see. 

Articles and Posts that have product reviews

Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bags [Ultimate List]

In times of emergency, having a reliable bug-out bag can be crucial. These pre-made survival kits are designed to provide you with the essential tools and supplies needed for immediate evacuation or extended periods in the wilderness. Whether you're an avid...

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16 Items You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

In a world where unexpected emergencies and natural disasters can strike at any moment, being prepared is key to ensuring your survival. As a survivalist, having a bug-out bag ready with essential items is crucial for facing unforeseen challenges head-on. While you...

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WaterBrick vs AquaBrick [What You Should Know]

Thinking about getting a WaterBrick or an AquaBrick?  Storing your water is very important, especially for the long term. Preppers and survivalists often go with either one of these products of choice for storing water long-term. But did you know that WaterBricks...

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CAT vs SOFTT [What Survivalists Should Know]

Are you a person who is struggling to know the difference between CAT and SOFTTs? Tourniquets are considered essential in any first aid kit, so naturally, a survivalist will want to know which one to invest in. While CATs and SOFTTs offer the same functionality, their...

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Best Permanent Match Lighter [Top 5 Picks]

Are you a fan of classic lighters that last? From stainless steel to lighter-original styles, the perfect permanent match or flame cup is at your fingertips. Lighter connoisseurs take their craft seriously and are always searching for the best match lighter around....

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Best Plasma Lighter For Camping: Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a reliable lighter that won't let you down while camping? Then look no further than these top 6 picks for the best plasma lighter on the market! Having a reliable and durable flame source is an absolute necessity when camping. While traditional...

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