Canning 101 for Beginners [Canning Food Preservation]

Canning 101 for Beginners To Learn to Preserve Food

Canning is a great way to preserve food and allow you to enjoy the flavors of summer all year round! With this guide, canning will be easy for even the most inexperienced beginner. Home canning is a fantastic food storage skill to know, and it’s perhaps the most adaptable of all the preservation techniques. Canning … Read more

Gardening For Preppers (The Mega Guide)

gardening for preppers the mega guide

This is the mega guide, containing EVERYTHING you need to know about gardening for preppers and starting your survival garden. Growing at least some of your own food is a vital part of being self-sufficient. You may now opt to produce your own or buy it at the store. To feed your family tomorrow, you … Read more

How to Organize a Bug Out Bag [What You Need to Know]

Bug Out Bag Organization 101 (Tips & Tricks)

The potential for disaster is always looming, and it’s important to be prepared. Preppers rely on bug out bags as a way of ensuring they will have the supplies necessary if an emergency situation occurs.  A well-organized bug out bag can make all the difference in an evacuation scenario; however, many preppers are unsure how … Read more

15 Warmest Winter Hats for the Outdoors [2023 Edition]

25 Warmest Winter Hats for the Outdoors for 2022

Welcome winter with a preparedness mindset and upgrade your winter wardrobe to include the warmest winter hats. With temperatures dropping, it is essential that you stay as bundled up as possible while still looking fashionable.  Whether you are going for an outdoor adventure or simply running errands in cold weather, having the right hat will … Read more

High Calorie Food for Bug Out Bag [30 Best Choices & Why]

30 Best Bugout Bag Foods that are Highly Nutritious

In this article, I will cover 30 of the best bugout bag foods that are highly nutritious. Food is the body’s fuel. During an emergency, you may be forced to make the difficult decision of bugging out or fleeing your home at any time. A robust 72-hour food supply in your bugout bag will ensure … Read more

4 Best Power Banks for Backpacking [2023 Edition]

Top 4 Best Power Banks for Backpacking

In this article, you will learn the four best power banks for backpacking and prepping. You’ll undoubtedly need some power throughout your backpacking trip, whether it’s for your phone, GPS tracker, camera, or lights. A backpacking portable power bank is the simplest method to ensure that your electronics do not die on you while you … Read more

5 Best Stormproof Matches [Best Matches for Survival]

5 Best Stormproof Matches that Light No Matter What

This review will go through 5 of the best stormproof matches that light no matter what. After being caught in a storm while enjoying the outdoors, nothing beats warming up over a campfire. But what if your entire set of gear, including matches, was soaked? You should invest in stormproof matches if you don’t want … Read more

The Survival Phone: Changes for the Best Security & Privacy

The Survival Phone Changes for the Best Security & Privacy

This article will learn how to build the perfect survival phone for optimal security and privacy. Even though many preppers may be hesitant to use a device that is always connected to the power grid, a smartphone may assist you with each of these tasks. Of course, you should either not have a phone or … Read more

How Much To Bulletproof a Car (What are the Cost?)

How Much Does a Bulletproof Car Cost picture of gray audi with no bullet penetrations

In this article, you will see exactly how much does a bulletproof car costs and why. The cost of bulletproofing an automobile is determined by numerous factors, including the kind of vehicle and the amount of protection desired. The cost might range from $20,000 to $50,000 in general. It’s understandable that, given the condition of … Read more