Does WD40 Remove Paint? [What You Need to Know]

does wd40 remove paint

So, you accidentally get some paint somewhere you don’t want, and you want to remove it. Is WD40 the solution? Or maybe you’re wondering if WD40 will hurt the paint on something. We’ll cover all of that in this article. So, does WD40 remove paint? No, WD40 is not suitable for removing paint. It can remove … Read more

Does WD40 Stain Clothes? [Not What You’d Expect]

does wd40 stain clothes

So, you have some WD40 stored up, and you’re thinking of using it. But you’re not sure if it stains your clothes. Well, in this article, we’ll answer that question. Does WD40 stain clothes? Yes, WD40 can stain clothes. This is because it contains petroleum-based products which can cause staining on certain materials such as … Read more

Does WD40 Conduct Electricity? [What You Need to Know]

does wd40 conduct electricity

Have you ever encountered electrical issues that you thought could be solved with WD40? Have you ever wondered if WD40 could be a good conductor of electricity? Does WD40 conduct electricity? The answer is no. WD-40 is not a conductor of electricity but an insulator with a low dielectric strength of 35KV. It is designed … Read more

How to Store Grits Long Term [What You Should Know]

how to store grits

You might have come by a sale and bought a big bulk of grits. Now you might think to yourself how to store all these grits so it can be used later on. This is a good question since you probably can’t eat a big bulk of grits right away. So, how to store grits … Read more

How to Make a Spiked Bat? [Ultimate Tutorial]

how to make a spiked bat

So, you’re at home watching a Netflix zombie movie, and you see the protagonist swinging the bat into a zombie. So, you think to yourself, “hey, can I make one of these?” I’m here today to tell you yes you can, and you’ll learn how to make one in this article. How to make a … Read more