How to Make Pemmican (Simple Tutorial)

how to make pemmican

In this tutorial, I’m going to go over how to make pemmican. This is the best and easiest recipe you’ll ever find. It’s called the “ultimate survival food” and rightfully reflects its title as a “superfood.” Why? It can stay good for decades without spoiling. Pemmican, a food made by the Native Americans, is essentially … Read more

Survival Food List: Essential Foods to Hoard

survival food list

This survival food list will cover all of the most important food for preppers. In a developed country like the United States, it’s hard to picture what “lack” looks like. Walk to each and every Costco, Walmart, or local supermarket, and you’ll find the racks are virtually filled with things… all sorts of stuff! Sometimes, … Read more

9 DIY Ideas With Cinder Blocks

diy ideas with cinder blocks

Perhaps you’ve just thought of cinderblocks as what the construction worker uses to make massive walls and houses out of. You’re not incorrect, but cinderblocks are much less complex than they appear to be. Only think of them like grown-ups building blocks that are budget-friendly! Now that you know that we’re going to discuss 9 … Read more

Best Survival Movies of All Time

best survival movies

Who doesn’t love a great movie about survival? Survival films cover a wide range of genres, from overcoming natural disasters, nuclear wars, and shipwrecks to sci-fi alien invasions and zombie infections. But all of them have one thing in common; they’re fantastic! It all goes down to the crucial components of the best survival movies: … Read more

Finding Food in the Desert Ultimate Guide

finding food in the desert

This article will guide you through how to survive by finding food in the desert in an emergency; you will also find helpful tips on using the “Universal Edible Test.” The desert looks barren at first glance; it’s dry, with very few plants and even fewer animals. However, if you know what to look for, … Read more