How Much Propane Does a Generator Use? [The Correct Answer]

how much propane does a generator use

Have you ever been without power and wished you had a generator to provide electricity?  Generators can be a great power source during a power outage, but it’s essential to know how much propane a generator will use.  We’ll look at the many kinds of propane generators, how much propane a generator uses, and the … Read more

Can You Use a Propane Grill Indoors [Complete Guide]

can you use a propane grill indoors

Indoor grilling is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to enjoy the taste of freshly grilled food without having to deal with bad weather. But can you use a propane grill indoors? The answer may surprise you. Yes, a propane grill can be used indoors if the proper precautions are taken. Reasonable precautions include being … Read more

What Are the First Three Priorities If You Become Lost?

what are the first three priorities if you become lost

Being lost in the wilderness can be a terrifying experience. It can quickly become a life or death situation if you’re not prepared.  Knowing how to survive if you’re lost in the wilderness is a crucial skill that could save your life. So, what are the first three priorities if you become lost? 1. Stay … Read more

How to Sharpen Tanto Blade? [Step-by-Step Guide]

how to sharpen tanto blade

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How to Make a Charcoal Poultice (Ultimate Guide 2023)

how to make a charcoal poultice

Do you want to know how to make a charcoal poultice and utilize its anti-inflammatory and drawing capabilities? For centuries, charcoal poultices have been used to treat many different ailments. This traditional medicine effectively reduces swelling and eases pain by removing toxins from the affected area. It can also be applied to bruises, insect bites, … Read more

7 Best Walkie Talkie For Preppers [2023 Prepper Edition]

7 best walkie talkie for preppers

There are a lot of walkie talkies out there – it can be overwhelming to pick the one that’s right for you! But, with this article, you will know what to look for in a walkie talkie and which ones are the best walkie talkie for preppers. But first, why are walkie talkies important? They … Read more

How Long Do Crossbows Last? [The Only Guide You Need]

how long do crossbows last

Although crossbows have been used for millennia, they have undergone substantial design and performance changes. With the right maintenance and care, modern crossbows are highly dependable and can endure for many years. But how long they last might be on your mind. So, how long do crossbows last? Depending on the type of crossbow, its … Read more

How to Make Self Defense Keychains [Step-by-Step Guide]

how to make self defense keychains

Self-defense is an important issue when it comes to personal safety. In today’s world, it’s important to be aware and prepared for any situation, and one way to do that is to carry a self-defense weapon.  A self-defense keychain is a small and discreet item that can be carried in your pocket or purse and … Read more