17 Basic Home Security Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

The FBI stated that there were 1,230,149 burglaries in 2018 alone. There are several practices that will make your home significantly safer.

So, with massive research done, we’ve compiled a list of 17 basic home security tips specifically for you. You will want to implement these tips if you haven’t already when you get home today.

Home Security Tip 1. Keep your doors locked during the day

home security tips lock doors during day

You may think that your neighborhood is safe, however, that doesn’t mean it is. There may be criminals that are waiting to prey when the right opportunity comes. According to a study conducted by Larms, there were  1,495,790 during the day in 2019.

In other words, burglaries happened 6% more in the day than night. We make it much too easy for criminals to break in during daylight. We have to stop that. If you are interested in checking how safe your neighborhood is, I have an article covering that.

Home Security Tip 2. Change the locks if you haven't already

home security tips change locks

Even if your previous homeowners said they gave you every set of keys, it is still important to change those locks if you haven’t already.

This is a simple way to enhance your security. You never know if your previous family dog walker or baby sitter had a spare key.

Home Security Tip 3. Invest in a smart home system

A smart home security system will make your life easier and safer. For example, a smart home security system can make your home look occupied when you are on vacation.

Home Security Tip 4. Invest in motion lighting

Even though most burglaries take place during the day, it is always good to be a little safer. When a criminal sees a flash of light, it usually prevent them from breaking in at night.

Home Security Tip 5. Ask for IDs if anyone new comes into your home

If anyone insists they need to come into your house, like a police officer, ask for identification, whether it is a certificate or warrant.

Burglars often knock on doors before breaking into the house to see if anyone is home.  With this simple step, you can prevent a lot of burglaries.

Home Security Tip 6. Add a security sign to your front yard

home security tips security signs

A home security sign is sometimes good enough to scare away criminals, even if you don’t have a home security system to back it up. 

A study from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology stated that 60% of burglars said that an indication that there would be an alarm on the property would cause them to choose another home to prey on.

Home Security Tip 7. Maintain your home when you're gone

Whenever people are on vacation (above 1 week), they forget to do one big thing, hire a landscaper.

Try to arrange to have your lawn mowed, so your lawn doesn’t look like a vacant lot. If the lawn is not mowed properly, criminals could check up on your home very soon.

Home Security Tip 8. Off your home phone ringers

home security tips home ringer

Turn off your home phone ringers whenever you plan to leave your house for a substantial amount of time.

If a burglar passing by hears a phone ringing with no answer, the chances of you getting burglarized skyrocket. 

You also don’t want to say something along the lines of ” We aren’t home right now” on your voicemail.

Home Security Tip 9. Try not to leave notes on your door

Leaving a note on your front door does a fine job of notifying no one is home. If you want to contact someone, do it by email or phone. 

Home Security Tip 10. Share vacation photos after your vacation

home security tips vacation photos

Sharing photos of yourself before you have returned home could potentially put you in more danger.

So, try to save the photos for after you are done with your vacation. Similarly, restrain yourself from posting any information about upcoming vacations.

Home Security Tip 11. Check your windows after the contractor finishes

home security tips check windows

Anytime a person works on your home, check the windows to make sure it is closed.

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They may open it, which is a threat to you because the contractor could enter your home and burglars prey on the people who leave their windows open.

Home Security Tip 12. Invest in a safe that doesn't look like a safe

home security tips diversion safe

I recommend you invest in a diversion safe. The common thief would look for a normal-looking safe to crack open. Having a safe that looks like an everyday item will greatly increase your home security.

Home Security Tip 13. Make an inventory for your valuables

You should always try to keep an inventory of all your items you deem valuable.

I recommend you make a list of your valuable items and take pictures of them to send to the insurance company. This will ensure that even if those items get stolen, you are still secure.

Home Security Tip 14. Mark your valuables with a UV pen

According to the 2010 report from the Department of Justice, 65% of all violent burglaries were committed by someone they knew.

Even if your property gets stolen by someone, there is an easy way to get it returned.

Home Security Tip 15. Secure your valuable documents

home security tips secure documents

Burglars look for more than shiny items, they may be looking for valuable documents containing bank and social security numbers. You should either store these kinds of documents into a diversion safe.

Home Security Tip 16. Install security hinges to your doors

Installing security hinges to your doors will make it exponentially harder for a thief to break in with brute strength.

Home Security Tip 17. Replace rotted window and door frames

That rot isn’t only unsightly, it could be a security vulnerability as well.

Having rotted wood makes it easy for burglars to break in your brute strength and rotted wood can cause termites, which can cause all sorts of problems for your home’s security.


I hope you learned at least one useful home security tip you can use!

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Or maybe we missed something?

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