10 Best Assisted Opening Knives [Best Guide for 2023]

This article will list the top 10 best-assisted opening knives today. Once you’ve read all the features of these knives, you’ll surely figure out the best one for you.

The pocket knife is the most often used tool in the EDC world for many people. After all, a good knife serves you well in various settings, from everyday utility chopping and slicing to vital life-saving uses in emergencies.

It’s simple to understand why having a trustworthy and sharp blade is so important, yet not all knives are created equal.

If speed is vital to you and you want to bring a knife to bear on a task swiftly, you should carry a spring assisted knife in your EDC.

Today, let’s dig in and see the top 10 best assisted opening knives.

ZT 0350 Spring Assisted Knife

It’s easy to understand why Zero Tolerance, a top tactical knife brand in the Kai USA family with Kershaw, has superb daily carry spring assisted knife alternatives.

ZT’s original Ken Onion-designed tactical assisted opening blade is still hard to top in today’s market. Unlike many knives, ZT designed this knife to look nice, and they have created 0350 for their consumers to use.

Its one-of-a-kind blade is composed of excellent S30V stainless steel and has an organic curved blade form that boosts the cutting ability of this little knife to match that of its larger counterparts.

It has a liner lock, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking it’s not up to the job; once the SpeedSafe flipper spring opening is engaged and ready to go, there’s essentially no blade place.

2. Benchmade Mini Vallation Spring Assisted Knife

spring assisted knife by Benchmade - Vallation model

Benchmade knives are well-known for their high-quality manual opening knives, but their assisted blades are also popular among EDC users. They’re handy if you don’t like flipper-style assisted opening blades.

For instance, the Benchmade Mini Vallation has a classic thumb stud opening with an incorporated safety built into the AXIS-assist mechanism in the handle.

If you find yourself in an emergency, the drop-point blade is composed of quality CPM-S30V stainless steel, and you’ll love the carbide glass breaker tip situated at the pommel.

3. SOG Flash AT-XR Spring Assisted Knife

SOG Flash AT-XR Spring Assisted Knife

SOG is a go-to knife and tool company for consumers searching for tactical gear for everyday carry, and SOG has updated its knife range for 2020, with all knives using their new XR mechanism.

The forthcoming Flash AT, for instance, offers an aided opening.

The older Flash knife was a fan favorite for EDC, and the newer version is ready to take over with D2 blade steel and a large belly in its geometry that allows for severe cutting and slicing power despite its compact 3.13″ length.

With GRN scales, it’s lightweight at just 4.49 oz in total, and the handle’s ergonomic shape makes it suitable for long-term use with it in hand.

4. Kershaw Random Leek Spring Assisted Knife

Kershaw Random Leek Spring Assisted Knife

The Kershaw Leek was one of the first popular daily carry-aided knives, and it’s still one of the best spring-assisted blades for EDCing today.

However, as time has gone by, many Leek variations have been created, flawlessly integrating the original look into the present day.

The ‘Random Leek,’ for example, has a revolutionary reverse tanto blade design that significantly increases the piercing capability of its 14C28N stainless steel blade.

Both the grip and the blade have an appealing blackwash finish. The rapid SpeedSafe action and the safety mechanism that keeps the blade locked when you don’t want it to fire makes this knife a popular EDC pick. During usage, a robust frame lock keeps everything in place.

5. Buck Paradigm Spring Assisted Knife

Spring assisted knife from Buck Knives - Paradigm model

Some people assume Buck knives are all vintage manual folders, but the Buck Paradigm is a different story.

It has gripping G10 handle scales, superior S35VN stainless steel for edge retention, and a spring-assisted flipper mechanism, making it a contemporary EDC knife.

The knife also has a bolster lock, which uses a handle section near the pivot to maintain the blade in place while in use. When you aren’t intending on using your knife anytime soon, it also helps keep the blade closed.

6. CRKT PSD. Spring Assisted Knife

CRKT PSD. Spring Assisted Knife

The Particle Separation Device is another name for this knife, a futuristic term for a very future-looking knife.

But there’s more to it than its distinctive appearance, including a spring-assisted flipper opening mechanism and IKBS ball bearings in the pivot, making deploying the knife lightning fast

The knife has a 3.63″ blade made of 1.4116 steel with a modified spear point design, extended belly, and recurve to improve slicing potential. 

It has a lightweight and stylish carbon fiber scale on one side and a G10 on the other, with a secure liner lock to keep everything in place while in use.

7. Gerber Highbrow Compact Spring Assisted Knife

Gerber Highbrow Compact Spring Assisted Knife

With a clean, minimalist EDC-friendly appearance and a flipper-aided opening that allows for easy deployment even with one hand, Gerber’s Highbrow Compact is one of the most miniature knives in the category.

The anodized and curved aluminum handle is for improved grip even during hard use, and it has an ambidextrous pivot lock for convenience of use.

The pocket clip enables you to alternate between right and left-handed tip-up carry modes.

8. Case Kickstart Trapperlock Spring Assisted Knife

Case Kickstart Trapperlock Spring Assisted Knife

If you’re searching for conventional gents knives or a knife that won’t raise too many eyebrows in polite company, Case is a solid pick, but they also include current elements into their offers.

Consider their 65315 Bonestag Kickstart Trapperlock, produced in the United States.

It has all the trappings of a usual gent’s knife, such as a clip point blade and a bone handle, but it also includes a spring assisted blade opening and a thumb stud opener, rather than the standard nail manual thing most knives in this category have.

9. Ontario Knife RAT1A BP Spring Assisted Knife

RAT1ABP spring assisted knife by Ontario Knife Company

The Ontario Knife RAT1A adds a super-quick assisted opening to a typical everyday carry tactical knife, well-liked in the community for its ergonomics and performance, especially given its low price.

If you don’t like flipper-style opens, this is an excellent knife to choose. The thumb stud opening is more difficult to activate unintentionally, and the handle features a safety lock that keeps the blade closed until you’re ready to use it.

With an all-black design that helps keep things low profile in the field, the traditional AUS-8 stainless steel blade completes the tactical aesthetic.

10. CRKT LCK+ Spring Assisted Knife

LCK knife by CRKT - a spring assisted medium pocket knife

The CRKT LCK+ Lightweight Compact Knife has a simple, small, sleek design that fits well with a modern gentlemen’s knife. Don’t be fooled by its appearance: it’s ready to take on any cutting task you throw at it.

Its 3.33″ 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade has a hollow grind and a well-defined tip that makes fast work of cutting and piercing operations, and its extended choil lets you get in close with your grip for more delicate cutting tasks, and it only weighs 2.6oz owing to its GRN handles.

With its spring assisted opening, you can pull and flip it open with one hand. If you prefer a little larger knife, the LCK+ is also available in a slightly larger version for your convenience.

Last Words

There are many different assisted opening knives to pick from, and your decision will most likely be based on money and personal preference – how the knife feels in your hand.

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