8 Best Bowie Knives [& Why They’re Amazing!]

This article will enumerate the top 8 most outstanding bowie knives you’ll ever need in 2022. It will also cover an overview of bowie knives and their most beneficial functions.

You might be thinking, what exactly is a Bowie knife? Good question! Don’t worry. We got you covered.

The Bowie knife has a nearly two-hundred-year history. The knife, which the famed knife fighter James Bowie popularized in the early 1900s, has lasted the test of time due to its flexibility.

Historians can’t agree on its origins since it’s difficult to tell reality from fantasy after so many years. But we do know this: after James Bowie wielded the knife in the famous Sandbar brawl that followed a family gun battle, the knife became legendary.

You’ll better understand what made it a legendary well-known knife as we go over the list of the top 8 best bowie knives of 2022.

Let’s dive in!

rotating vintage bowie knife

Bowie knives have a broad and non-exhaustive number of options like throwing knives. Finding the ideal solution for your needs may be difficult, with many alternatives available.

Fortunately, we have here all of the popular alternatives ready for you. Take a look at this list of the best Bowie knives you’ll find today.

1. Ontario Knife Company's Marine Raider Bowie Knife

Ontario Knife Company Marine Raider Bowie Knife

At our top 1 is the Marine Raider from the Ontario Knife Company. It blends strength, comfort, and longevity to create one of the most versatile Bowie knives.

Ontario Knife Company has gained most people’s trust as they have 125 years of expertise in creating knives and other tools for the US military.

They did not come short in providing the top-notch quality with Marine Raider Bowie knife. They use high-grade 1095 steel for the 9.75-inch blade and match it with a Kraton handle that gives anyone who’ll hold it a sturdy and comfortable grip.

This knife also includes a leather and Cordura sheath to safely carry the 15.125′′ tool and a limited guarantee against manufacture defects. It’s also nice to know that the Ontario Knife Company manufactures this long knife in the United States.

2. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

The Timber Rattler Western Outlaw commands attention with its traditional gray wooden handle, which is at our second spot. Some might buy it only for its attractive appearance, but it functions almost as great as it looks.

Its entire tang steel blade, which measures 11 and 3/8 inches, is sharp right out of the box and will come in helpful for a range of chores.

With the hook at the rear of the handle, the brass finger guard keeps your hand from slipping during heavy-duty tasks and enhances the knife’s looks. You can also carry the knife with you, thanks to the leather sheath (on Amazon) that comes with it.

3. Ka-Bar U.S. Marine Corps Bowie Knife

Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Bowie Knife

On our top 3 is the US Marine Corps Bowie Knife. The military initially used this knife during WWII, and it is still a favorite choice among active and veteran military personnel 50 years later.

The US Marine Corps coated this cutting tool’s 1095 carbon steel blade with epoxy powder for further strength and longevity. Thus, the usage lasted up to 50 years and counting.

They also placed a safety feature to provide you peace of mind to all owners. It comes with high-quality craftsmanship and is guaranteed a lifetime warranty.

It also has a 100% leather sheath handcrafted in Mexico that keeps the 7-inch blade sharp while protecting you and others from injury.

4. Buck Knives 119 Special Bowie Knife

Model 119 Bowie style knife - the classic Buck Knives offering

And coming in at the fourth spot is the Buck Knives 119 Special Bowie Knife. This Bowie knife is perfect for a more traditional design.

The ten-inch and the twelve-inch tool has a conventional wooden cocobolo handle with palm swells for a more comfortable grip. It also has a 6-inch clip point 420HC steel blade (on Amazon) that has been heat-treated utilizing Buck Knives’ proprietary heating technique.

The unusual technique, which includes heating, freezing, and warming, makes the blade more robust, sharper, and corrosion-resistant.

You can keep its sharpness for longer with the high-quality leather sheath. This sheath also has a snap closure and a belt loop to connect it securely.

5. Cold Steel Marauder Bowie Knife

Marauder fixed blade serrated knife by Cold Steel Company

Cold Steel’s big knife has a distinctively curved Japanese AUS8A blade manufactured high-quality stainless steel. It’s attached to a Kray-Ex grip that’s exceptionally pleasant in the hand while still being weatherproof.

The supplementary finger guard projecting from the grip stops your hand from sliding onto the blade. You’ll notice how light it is despite its size when you hold it.

This knife is the ideal weapon for military battle and survival circumstances, weighing 12.4 ounces. Although the blade is razor-sharp right out of the box, you may quickly sharpen the Cold Steel Marauder Bowie Knife.

Furthermore, the plastic sheath will assist keep the blade sharper for longer.

6. 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife from Buck Knives

124 Frontiersman knife by Buck Knives Company

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife is beautiful, valuable, and well-deserved in this top 8 list.

This versatile Bowie is a fantastic hunting companion and might also operate as a survival or battle knife, with a 16 and 14-inch high carbon steel blade.

Like so many other Buck tools, it’s a tribute to American craftsmanship. And once again, the business shows its faith in its products. Today, they offer a lifetime warranty in the unlikely event that the knife breaks, which is unusual.

Lastly, the micarta handle is comfortable to hold, and the metal finger guard prevents your hand from sliding onto the blade. The knife seems lightweight despite its big grip.

7. United Cutlery UC2863 Marine Force Recon

united Cutlery UC 2863 Marine Force Recon

If you’re looking for a vast Bowie knife at an affordable price, the United Cutlery UC2863 Marine Force Recon could be for you.

This Bowie knife is about an inch shy of a machete at 16 and 3/8 inches. It’s frightening in size, yet it’s ideal for harsh conditions and even harder users.

The AUS-6 stainless steel blade is 11 and 12 inches long and precisely fits into the over-molded rubber handle.

Although concealing the blade is more complex than with some of the other knives on this list, its immense size and partially serrated 11 and 12-inch blade allow for a broad range of applications. The most amazing part is that it feels like a solid handshake.

8. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife

Another one from the Ka-Bar U.S. Marine Corps at number 8 and here to wrap this list up is the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife from Becker. It has everything you’d expect in a combat knife, and it’s no surprise that all military and service members use it.

The tool has an exceptional weight-to-size ratio, with 14 and 1/4 inches at 1.05 pounds. As a result, you’ll have no trouble using it in a survival emergency.

The high carbon 9-inch steel blade is coated with epoxy powder to prevent corrosion. The ergonomically constructed grivory grip allows you to use the knife for extended periods without becoming exhausted.

Last Words

An automatic knife is your best choice if you want a knife that is easy to carry about. Bowie knives, on the other hand, are more versatile and practical.

Even knife specialists, however, disagree on what constitutes a Bowie knife. As a result, these tools are available in various sizes and forms to suit multiple purposes.

Even though we could make a case for any knife on this list, the Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife stands out for its outstanding performance and high-quality craft. But, you can’t go wrong with the Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife if you seek the best value.

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  1. The Marine Raider Bowie Knife from Ontario Knife Co has been my “go-to” huge knife for many years. It’s, without a doubt, my favorite big knife for outings.


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