10 Best Budget Survival Knife [Definitive Guide for 2023]

This article will include a list of the top 10 best budget survival knives you can get your hands on this 2022. We will also go over the features these survival knives have while still keeping within a budget-friendly price range.

As the name implies, a survival knife is one of the essential tools you’ll need in a survival situation.

You’ll probably want a more severe and full tang, fixed blade survival knife for chopping, batoning, splitting wood with a knife using a “baton-like” mechanism, game preparation, or even starting a fire.

What is the best survival knife this year? It comes down to personal opinion and considerations like blade length, coating, style, and price.

Let’s dive in and look at the top budget survival knives.

Cheaper Than Dirt Rough Use Classic Bowie Knife

For less than the price of a 6-pack of excellent beer, you can acquire an MTECH USA MT-096 Fixed Blade Knife or three for all your survival needs.

Is it going to have the same razor-sharp edge as the other options? No. Is there any guarantee? Probably not.

You have no idea which of the “Multiple Manufacturers” created your knife. But all these won’t matter when you consider the 13.5-inch overall length, 8-inch blade, 440 stainless steel construction, black texture coating, firm grip rubber handle, and low price.

Do you have concerns about batoning, harsh cutting, or prying? Not with a knife designed for the most extreme circumstances. You can put one in every bug-out bag, glove box, and cubby hole (on Amazon) you have at this price of around $10.

2. Tool Logic SLPro Folding Knife

Tool Logic SL Pro Folding Knife

The Tool Logic SLPro Folding Knife is one of the few full-tang, fixed-blade survival knives for which we’ll make an exception.

Because of its several tasks around a campsite, this small workhorse of a knife appears on practically every list of best survival knives. 

Even without a complete tang or a larger blade, this knife may be a survival knife with a 3-inch serrated steel blade, brilliant white LED illumination, and magnesium alloy fire starting rod at $21.

3. Condor CTK232-4.3HC Walnut Bushlore Knife

Condor Walnut Bushlore Knife

The Condor Bushlore Camp Knife weighs around 12 ounces and has a four-quarter inch blade, a nine-quarter inch overall length, and a hardwood handle with a blasted satin finish.

It’s a bushcraft survival knife that feels as natural in hand as a regular kitchen knife.

The 1/8′′ blade’s compact size and lightweight construction make it simple to carry in a pack, or on your belt with the supplied leather sheath, so you’ll have it whenever you need to gut something, build a fire, and eat it for $35.

4. Glock OEM Field Survival Knife

Glock OEM Field Survival Knife

Glock is well renowned for its firearms, but the Austrian company has also manufactured several excellent knives, such as the survival knife from Glock OEM Field.

The ergonomically designed handle, spring steel HRC5 phosphate-treated blade, and just over 11 inches overall length are all great features of a durable survival knife. 

Still, the saw edge on the backside of the blade that’s useful for everything from firewood to traps, really sets this Glock Survival Knife apart from other options.

At $35, the well-built knife comes with a Glock polymer sheath to securely contain the blade, which Glock created in close collaboration with special forces.

5. Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Hoyt Buck created the first Buck Knife in 1902. He began hand-making the 119 Special in the basement of a church forty years later. And that was after the US government requested blade contributions for military use following Pearl Harbor.

The Buck Knives 119 Special is still one of the most iconic fixed blade knives ever made three-quarters of a century later. The 10-1/2 inch long 119 Special, made in the USA with 420HC steel and a 6′′ clip blade, preserves the same fundamental engineering as the original.

That means the same firm, fixed blade knife capable of practically anything and backed by a lifetime guarantee at $51.

6. Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife

This budget survival fixed blade knife is partly a serrated clip point blade of SAE-1070 high carbon steel with a matte finish. It includes a ballistic sheath with a storage pouch and lanyard for many carry positions.

Its blade length is a 7.5″ 5.2″ ergonomic, knurled handle. Those are all significant aspects of a survival fixed blade knife that’s as easy to use as it is to clean. But this one from Schrade handles construction and sets it apart.

The Schrade has a watertight, hollow handle with a screw-down end cover and O-ring that hides a detachable, magnetic 10-piece bit set inside rather than a regular handle.

While a hex bit set may not be helpful in the vast outdoors, you can use the same compartment for matches, flint, a fire starter, or even paper cash for $62.

If you want quality knives, click there.

7. KA-BAR US Marine Corps Knife

KA BAR US Marine Corps Knife

This knife needs no introduction, and you should have one in your collection. Why? That’s because KA-BAR is the most famous fixed blade knife globally. It was designed to serve the troops during World War II and is still doing its job with honor, 70 years later.

Also, KA-BAR made this knife of 1095 Cro-van steel with a 7′′ straight edge blade and nearly limitless uses.

Additionally, it’s easy to see why this knife has been in use, both officially and unofficially, by various military branches for 75 years. 

At $70, the KA-BAR USMC Knife isn’t just an efficient utility knife intended for warfare to survival; its users have measured its gold standard against all other blades.

8. Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Becker Combat Utility Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Becker Combat Utility Knife

Becker Knife & Tool designed this Ka-Bar Becker Knife and Tool BK7 Becker Battle Utility Knife.

On the other hand, Ka-Bar constructed it for soldiers and explorers who wanted a lightweight, durable knife for both survival and combat.

This knife comes with a 1095 Cro-van steel 7′′ clip point blade with a 20-degree edge angle, a Swiss-made Grivory handle, and an overall length of 12-3/4 inches, this knife more than lives up to the tradition that both companies have supplied during their decades in existence.

With a price tag of $74, it might be the most outstanding all-around survival knife available.

9. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber is a household brand for knives, thanks to its presence in every big box shop and affiliations with celebrities like Bear Grylls. Gerber originally developed LMF2 to escape airmen from wrecked airplanes, making it a fantastic survival knife.

They’ve made its blade with 420HC American steel with a slightly serrated edge and a drop point. Glass-filled nylon handle with TPV oversold and a spiked pommel designed for smashing glass.

Multiple lashing holes allow you to transform it into a spear—MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath with a built-in knife sharpener. When a knife is tough enough to rip through an airplane’s fuselage, you know it’ll be tough enough for anything you need it for and priced at $77.

10. ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife

With over two decades in the industry and a clientele that includes everyone from military and law enforcement to film crews and professional explorers, ESEE knows a thing or two about what makes the best survival knife.

This ESEE 6P-B knife is a full tang, 1095 high carbon steel survival knife with a six-and-a-half-inch black powder-coated, flat ground blade.

At $117, this substantial knife with jimping on the spine and an ergonomic grey Micarta scale handle is simple to grasp and use without being too weighty to carry daily.

Last Words

Finally,edge maintenance and rust prevention are two of the most significant factors that keep the best budget survival knife in its top shape. 

A proper survival knife should be able to be sharpened in the field. And for that, you can use a guided system like the KME or angled rods from Spyderco or Lanksy or traditional sharpening stones.

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