If you’re in need of some extra protection, an expandable baton can be a helpful and formidable tool to have on hand. 

But with so many options available, it can be tough to know which one is the best expandable baton. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the four best expandable batons available on Amazon. 

From durable construction to sleek designs, these batons offer a range of features to suit your needs.


1. Police Force Expandable 16″ Baton


The Police Force Tactical Expandable Solid Steel Baton 16″ is an excellent choice if you need a dependable and powerful self-defense weapon. This baton is constructed out of premium stainless steel and is meant to last.

It can be greatly extended by just twisting your wrist and has an ergonomic textured grip for a firm but comfortable hold. You can protect yourself and your family from intruders with the 16″ Police Baton.

It has the potential to land a serious blow, and its length makes it perfect for keeping your distance from an attacker.

It’s built to endure significant force without cracking or breaking, and it’s made of strong cold steel. This 16″ Police Force Tactical Expandable Solid Steel Baton collapses down for convenient storage.

If you’re looking for a reliable tool for protecting your house, go no farther than the Police Force Tactical Expandable Solid Steel Baton 16″. Its portability, simplicity of usage, and potent striking potential make it an excellent deterrent against would-be assailants or intruders.

This baton is perfect for those who require a reliable means of self-defense due to its ergonomic shape and attached belt clip.


2. Smith & Wesson SWAT Lite 21″ Baton


The Smith & Wesson SWAT Lite Collapsible Baton is a strong, compact weapon ideal for both law enforcement and civilian use. It is 8.25 inches in length when collapsed.

With its sturdy carbon steel construction and nonslip matte black finish, this baton is easy to use and handle. For self-defense, crowd control, and other close-quarters situations, this lightweight yet strong baton is an excellent choice.

The baton has an extended length of 21 inches and a collapsed length of 8.25 inches. This facilitates portability and storage while it’s not in use.

The textured foam handle and ergonomic shape make it easy to hold on to, even when your hands are wet. You may secure the baton in either the extended or folded position with a simple twist of the handle.

The sturdy steel construction and ergonomic handle of this baton make it ideal for situations when command and control are paramount. The twist-lock mechanism keeps the baton in either the extended or compressed position, and the ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to hold.

This baton is a great option for anyone in need of a sturdy, lightweight, and potent weapon for use in close quarters fighting and self-defense.


3. Police Force Expandable Baton 26″


Police Force Tactical Expandable Solid Steel Baton, 26″, is an excellent weapon for self-defense. The solid black steel used to make this baton is of the highest quality, making it both sturdy and long-lasting. And at only 1.4 pounds, it’s a breeze to transport and use wherever you go.

The length may be increased from 10 inches to 26 inches with a simple flick of the wrist, making the extendable design extremely user-friendly. Thus, it is ideal for individuals who must defend themselves quickly and effectively.

All across the world, security guards and police officers rely on weapons similar to the 26″ collapsible police baton. This ensures that it is reliable and has a history of success.

It is also really well-made, so you can expect it to last for a long time. The baton may be extended and retracted with a simple flick of the wrist, making it both practical and convenient. The ASP baton is a trusted weapon due to its safety features.

It’s worth noting that the baton’s tip has to be pounded against a hard surface like concrete to retract it. Beware of damaging the baton by trying to retract it on a wooden floor. Be sure the baton is held vertically while striking the ground since an angled grip might cause the end of the baton to bend.


4. Smith & Wesson Heat-Treated Collapsable Baton


The Smith & Wesson Heat Treated Collapsible Baton is a great tool for self-defense, and it can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. 

The 16-inch baton has a 9.4-inch blade and is crafted from 4130 seamless alloy steel tube. It’s quite tough (46-47 HRC) and harsh.

The thermoplastic rubber grip is textured and slightly elevated to ensure a firm hold. This baton can be swiftly and easily deployed. With a push of a button, the baton’s spring-loaded end may be extended.

At only 0.9 pounds, it is incredibly portable. In addition to the baton itself, a black 1680 denier outer shell belt sheath is included. An excellent weapon for personal protection, the Smith & Wesson self defense baton may provide you peace of mind.

It’s built to last and can take a hammering without breaking. The baton’s grip is ergonomically sound, and the tool itself is simple to draw and swing. When brandished, the baton strikes fear into the hearts of would-be attackers and serves as an effective deterrent.

The weapon is discreet and won’t get you into trouble in public with its sheath. Because of its portability and compact design, the baton is a great choice for people looking for a practical self-defense weapon.


What Should I Consider When Buying An Expandable Baton?


Some factors to consider when choosing an expandable baton include the material it is made of, the length of the baton when expanded, and the type of lock system it has. 

You should also consider the weight and overall design of the baton, as well as whether it comes with a carrying case.

What Is An Expandable Baton Used For?


can an expandable baton stop a criminal

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Expandable batons are often used for self-defense, personal safety, and law enforcement purposes. They can be carried on the person and expanded when needed for use as a defensive weapon.


How Do Expandable Batons Work?


Expandable batons typically feature a telescoping design that allows them to be easily extended and locked into place. They can be collapsed when not in use for easy storage and transportation. You’ll typically need to buy a separate holster when getting your baton. 

Final Words


An expandable baton can be a valuable tool to have on hand for self-defense. There are many options available on Amazon, ranging from durable high-carbon steel construction to sleek and lightweight designs. 

When choosing an expandable baton, be sure to consider factors such as material, expansion length, and lock system. It is also important to research the laws in your jurisdiction regarding the carrying of expandable batons. 

No matter what your needs, one of the top four expandable batons on this list is sure to suit you.

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