Best Off Grid Refrigerator [7 Top Picks For You]

Are you looking for an off-grid refrigerator that can keep your food cold and doesn’t require grid power? Discover our top 7 picks to help you make a smart and sustainable choice!

If you’ve decided to live off-grid, you’ll need to discover the best off-grid refrigerator to keep your food fresh! Modern appliance conveniences can still be enjoyed, such as a refrigerator or a chest freezer, while living off the grid.

Off-grid refrigeration systems are an essential aspect of any off-grid infrastructure since they allow you to save money on food while also ensuring the safety of your food supply.

Every month manufacturers introduce a brand-new refrigeration product to the market. Energy efficiency and portability are two essential factors to consider when purchasing an off-grid refrigerator.

Off-grid life requires a wide range of refrigerators, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s dig in and find a great off-grid refrigerator that is right for you.

The RV and camping folks adore the 12v refrigerator because of its mobility and capacity to chill and freeze food and drink.

This form of an off-grid refrigerator can perfectly fit inside a vehicle. It is powered either by the car’s battery or a solar system. In addition, several versions contain an AC converter.

Let’s look at some of the best ones in the market for the solar-powered refrigerator:



A warm fridge is one of the worse things that could ever happen when arriving at your cabin. You don’t have to worry with the ICECO VL60 Off-Grid Refrigerator.

If you’re searching for a battery-powered fridge, this little solar fridge is a good choice.

If you like, you may even take it with you on your next outdoor excursion! Built to fit in small spaces, you can toss the ICECO into the back of your truck bed. Just make sure to switch it on before heading out into the woods.

Don’t be concerned about your food rotting. A compact refrigerator design was in mind behind the SECOPS compressor for ICECO. This refrigerator can even work at a 40-degree angle!

Unload it into your cabin using the heavy-duty handles. It’s perfect for a weekend in the woods. You can stock the fridge with beer and iced beverages while keeping the meat frozen separately with its dual zones.

While this is ideal for an off-grid trip, it may not be big enough for year-round usage.

GoSun's Chillest Pro

GOSUN Chill Solar Cooler

GoSun is a great brand for an off-grid mini fridge. Their refrigerators are all off the grid, and they also have whole solar kitchens with water purification and solar cooking.

GoSun Chillest Cooler Pro is the best solar cooler and the best-selling portable fridge from GoSun. This portable fridge uses a solar power system, 12V, or AC to cool food and drinks. 

There are two zones where you can separate food from drinks or dry food and wet ones. It is 45 liters and has a built-in battery (with battery chargers). 

There is also a 20W solar table that can be multiple purposed as a countertop. Just be careful not to break the panels when you chop.


BougeRV 12 Volt Refrigerator

Portable cooling devices may be necessary for specific off-grid expeditions. 

Check out the BougeRV Solar Refrigerator if you want the mobility of an ice chest with the chilling power of a battery-powered fridge.

This “cooler” looks like an ice chest, but it is a solar-powered refrigerator with a compressor. Your vehicle’s batteries can charge this mobile fridge that comes with solar panels or an AC adapter.

It is possible to fish for days on end if you have a traditional refrigerator and a freezer on your boat. When you go back home, fill it up with your catch.

Suppose you can’t catch anything when fishing, don’t blame the fridge. There’s no evidence that the compressor’s whisper-quiet operation scares away the fish.

As a result, your meal will remain fresh and cold, and your automobile will always start when you’re ready to go home.

Ice Box/Cooler

An old-fashioned icebox or cooler box is the best way to spend time outside.

Chest coolers can now maintain a freezing temperature for extended periods thanks to improved insulating materials and design.

Coleman Rolling Cooler 50 Quart Xtreme with Wheels

Coleman Rolling Cooler

Owning a portable refrigerator has both benefits and drawbacks you should consider before purchasing one. Keep your food cool with an old-fashioned ice chest if you can’t afford a high-tech solution. Thanks to high-tech cooling systems, ice chests are now better equipped.

The Coleman Rolling Cooler won the best cooler award. When you were younger, coolers didn’t have as much insulation as now. Even so, the Coleman Rolling Cooler can keep food cool for up to five days!

And it consumes no electricity. Fill it with ice, and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all.

When it comes to bringing a cooler into the woods, its telescoping handle and sturdy wheels make it a breeze. This cooler may also serve as a seat if you’re traveling light.

Propane Refrigerator

RV refrigerators have been using propane (liquefied petroleum gas) for decades. Chest freezers and vertical fridge/freezer units can also be propane refrigerators.

The propane fridge can operate on 12v and 120v electricity in a 3-way variant, making it a helpful emergency refrigerator. Refrigerators that run on propane need more maintenance than refrigerators that run on electricity.

Propane refrigerators are less appealing than renewable energy refrigerators due to the high cost of propane and the fact that you need to carry it inside your camper or off-grid home.

Smad ‎XCD275-B

Smad ‎XCD275-B

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on solar, propane is an excellent alternative energy source. Large propane refrigerators, on the other hand, maybe costly. 

Fortunately, the Smad XCD275 Propane Off-Grid Refrigerator can assist you in getting started with propane-powered refrigeration without breaking the bank.

Although it has a compact footprint, it contains a large refrigerator and freezer. It’s even tall enough to accommodate tall bottles. And they aren’t even the fridge’s most remarkable features!

DC solar panel energy or ordinary AC electricity can power this portable fridge. It can also operate on propane. 

If you’re thinking about acquiring solar panels in the future or need a backup in case you forget to replenish your propane tank, this fridge’s power source flexibility is ideal!

Thermoelectric Refrigerator

Another option for an on-the-go fridge is temperature-controlled thermoelectric fridges. This type of fridge is a 12-volt cooler and heater. Its chilling limitation is up to 4°F, which sadly won’t create ice, but it is energy efficient.

For the most part, portable thermoelectric refrigerators are just a lightweight and small cooler box replacement.

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless 12 Volt

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Cooler

The Igloo 26-Quart Cooler is great for outdoor activities since it does not need ice. It features a convection cooling system and a brushless motor. Still, this mobile cooler will take care of your food and drink when away from home.

This tiny compact cooler is ideal for get-togethers, long journeys, off-grid living, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It will help you when you need additional space outside for food and beverages.

Wherever you travel, plug-and-play technology saves time and improves performance. It’s the same thing with this Igloo cooler. Just plug it directly into your car’s DC output, and it will chill your goods without the use of ice. As a result, water drainage is not a concern.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and comes with two handlebars. You don’t have to do too much work to transport this cooler. You can expect a quick cooling system thanks to the brushless motor and convection cooling system.

In addition, you will get an 8-foot wire that can easily connect to an electric or solar outlet. It can also use automobile plugs.

Koolatron Krusader P85

Koolatron Krusader P85​

The Kooltron Krusader P85 Thermoelectric Refrigerator looks like a regular icebox at first sight. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance. This great iceless cooler can transform you into a superhero.

Thermoelectric cooling isn’t the most energy-efficient cooling method, but it does provide more flexibility than a standard refrigerator. Both hot and cold food may be heated or kept cold with it!

Consider how delighted your family will be if you arrive at the family picnic with a hot dish. When you arrive, they see the cooler in the vehicle. They’re anticipating a chilly salad once again.

But everyone is going to be taken aback when you hand them a steaming bowl of potato casserole out of nowhere.

After you’ve served supper, you can use the cold setting. It can also keep the drinks cold all night long. With no need for ice, you can stock up on more drinks for everyone!

Last Words

Off-grid, a conventional American refrigerator isn’t going to work as much as you want. I hope, given all these options, you’ll find the suitable off-grid fridge that is right for you.

Consider factors such as location, resources available, climate, budget, power source of choice or available for you, and the size applicable for your need.

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