5 Best Stormproof Matches [Best Matches for Survival]

This review will go through 5 of the best stormproof matches that light no matter what.

After being caught in a storm while enjoying the outdoors, nothing beats warming up over a campfire. But what if your entire set of gear, including matches, was soaked? You should invest in stormproof matches if you don’t want to suffer a cold.

Even when soaked, these matches are simple to light. However, not all of them turn out well. Check out our list of 5 of the best stormproof matches to find the ideal stormproof matches for you to avoid disappointment.

Let’s dive in.

UCO is recognized for producing high-quality matches, so it’s no surprise that this company produces the finest waterproof matches. The UCO Titan Stormproof Matches are resistant to the weather and will light up even in the rain.

They come in a box of 25 matches and are truly waterproof. Each match is nearly 4 inches long, allowing enough time for wet leaves or tinder to be lit. The only drawback is the packing, but opting for a cardboard box keeps the price cheaper.

Overall, this is a fantastic pick for car camping, hiking, or backpacking.

#2. UCO Stormproof Matches

Again, UCO is also number #2 on this list. The matches are 2.75 inches (7 cm) long and burn for 15 seconds. They are entirely submersible and maintain a constant flame in any weather—amazing value and efficacy. You’ll have plenty of matches in the waterproof floating case, which holds 40.

Because UCO manufactures a lot of high-visibility camping and survival gear, the default case color is safety orange. These matches have a shorter burn period than UCO Titan Matches, but they are much less expensive.

#3. Zippo Typhoon Match Kit

They’re bigger, 4 inches, and heavier than any other stormproof match we evaluated, and as a result, they burn for significantly longer, over 30 seconds in most cases.

After being wet in water, they quickly strike and burn, and they can retain a flame even when submerged. The Zippo Typhoon Matches are your best choice if you’re seeking high-quality goods that you can rely on.

The casing is also of good quality. It is waterproof and robustly made since both the lid and the storage chamber employ high-quality O-rings. With the sealed strike cap, textured grip, lanyard hole, and tinder storage compartment, you can tell some additional consideration gone into the engineering.

However, the pricing is not as optimal as either of the two above.

#4. Coghlan's 1170 Storm Matches

Coghlan's Stormproof matches

The Coghlan’s matches aren’t bad when compared to simple safety matches and waterproof matches.

However, when compared to the UCO and UST matchups, it’s clear that they’re not on the same level. When the Coghlan matches were submerged in water, they didn’t stay lighted.

They are windproof, but they were substantially slower to relight when I moved them out of the wind. The matches also took a long time to relight after being dipped in the dirt. These are for a budget. However, I would recommend a match that can withstand large amounts of water.

#5. Proforce Survival Matches

Proforce stormproof matches

Waterproof and windproof, the Proforce Survival Matches are meant to be utilized even when wet. They’re matches that have been authorized by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Survival Matches are designed to light in various adverse weather circumstances and can endure being submerged in water.

They also won’t be extinguished by the wind. Although the match head is meant to burn for 12 seconds, many users have complained that it burns for considerably less time and that the flame goes out as soon as the head burns out, leaving little time for the purpose for which you wish to use them.

Each sealed flip-top canister contains about 25 matches (two canisters per pack). Keep in mind that some customers of this brand have had difficulties keeping the lid tight once opened, so you may wish to add reinforcement if you pick this brand.

Not a bad match choice, and if you want the most officially verified one and don’t trust our reasoning, this is your match to choose.


This article on the best stormproof matches should have given you more confidence in selecting, testing, and utilizing waterproof matches. 

We’ve gone through five distinct alternatives that we think are the best, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions on what to expect.

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