5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

This article will gear you up to find the proper survival multi-tool for you that is versatile, durable, and dependable, especially in the most unconventional circumstances.

It’s better to be prepared than sorry; that’s my version of “Better safe than sorry,” a saying from an Irish Novelist named Samuel Lover from his book, Rory O’More. 

It still stays true to this day. True preppers take note of the advice in this proverb and are always ready for the unexpected. Thus, carrying survival kits at home, in their automobiles, and on outdoor trips.

That brings us to the survival multi-tools, a miniature replica of a toolbox’s most often used tools. In case of emergency, these survival multi-tools will come in handy.

Let’s dig in and look at a variety of models available in the market today, including a folding knife, a folding multi-tool, and survival business cards.

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

You’ll be practically prepared for everything at any time with the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp multi-tool. 

The Swiss Army knife has a tool for almost any job and fits your pocket like a toolbox. Made in Switzerland, you can rely on the highest quality and a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

So, what makes this pocket knife special? This SwissChamp features 33 functions, including a sharp blade that is 2.45 inches long. It also comes with a Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, a wood saw, and a metal saw, among other things.

Thanks to the Swiss Army knife stainless steel structure housed in the manufacturer’s signature polished red ABS scales for elegant durability, all the functions I just mentioned are well-supported to endure the most challenging situations.

This survival multi-tool is designed for jobs around the home or in the woods, weighing about six ounces and measuring 3.6 inches in length, making it fit conveniently in absolutely anywhere in your backpack or pockets.

You can also use the SwissChamp to clean fish by using the fish scaler with a hook disgorger. And what’s even more incredible is that it comes with a ruler to help you gauge the size of your catch. 

Other than that, you can also conveniently use the can opener to open a can of beans and the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine.

The Swiss Army knife is simple to resharpen at a 15-20 degree angle, producing a cutting edge of 30-40 degrees for maintenance. 

When the tools start to cling together, clean the blade with warm water and regularly add a drop of Swiss Army knife oil for maximum upkeep. Give this survival multi-tool some TLC, and it will serve you for a long time.

LEATHERMAN Charge Plus TTi Multi-Tool

LEATHERMAN Charge Plus TTi Multi-Tool

The LEATHERMAN Charge Plus Multi-Tool is an enhanced version of the original that includes the most requested functions with better wire cutters. Leatherman’s Charge Plus is the folding tool of choice if you’re seeking the most versatility.

Once you have this pocket knife, you’ll also get pliers, a wire crimper and remover, a saw, serrated and plain blades, and more in one convenient package. It also has a built-in corrosion-resistant 530V 2.9-inch steel knife blade that is extra-sharp and weighs 8.89 ounces.

Besides all those hardcore functions, you can also efficiently utilize this survival multi-tool for basic things. Bottle opener, spring-action scissors, files, and even other tools that aren’t visible from the exterior are easily accessible with one-hand opening titanium handles.

You can lock the tools in place to store them away when not in use. But when it’s closed, you can still access tools that resemble the functionality of a pocket knife. It’s like that candy with a surprise center.

Leatherman has also improved the safety of the Charge Plus survival multi-tool. They ensured that they secured all tools for increased security, although that doesn’t include the pliers head.

Overall, the Leatherman Charge Plus is a durable, ergonomic multi-tool that can handle a wide range of jobs. Plus, it includes a pocket clip and a quick-release lanyard ring. And, so that you know, Leatherman also provides a 25-year warranty.

TAC9ER 22-In-1 Wallet Multi-Tool

TAC9ER 22-In-1 Wallet Multi-Tool

The TAC9ER Wallet Multi-Tool is a 22-function survival multi-tool the size of a credit card. TAC9ER is the best multi-tool wallet card size in today’s market. Let’s go through why it is the best, shall we?

First of all, it’s a terrific addition to your home emergency kit or bug-out bag, weighing less than one ounce and measuring three and 3/8ths × 2 and 1/2 inches with a thickness of just 1.0 mm. 

Like the paracord grenade keychain, TAC9ER is also an excellent everyday carry tool. You can use it for minor repairs and emergencies.

As for this survival multi-tool built and design, it’ll never disappoint with its robust, heat-treated stainless steel material. It includes a bottle opener, can opener, two hex wrench sets, two screwdrivers, and other tools. 

When not in use as a tool, the TAC9ER can function as a smartphone stand or can be used to repair eyeglasses and pry nails.

TSA-friendly, the TAC9ER Wallet Multi-Equipment allows you to carry your survival tool with you everywhere you go. It provides a good selection of devices in a tiny package at a low price. This multi-tool for survival is a fantastic present.

Paracord Grenade Keychain Survival Kit

Paracord Grenade Keychain Survival Kit

You can attach this Paracord Grenade Keychain to your belt or jacket or even your bug-out bag with a sturdy carabiner. Even though it’s so tiny, it fits on the one hand; it indeed has 14 life-saving gadgets. Cool, right?

Don’t be deceived by Grenade Keychain’s size. It might be small, but it sure has a lot of handy functions: a scalpel blade and a three-sided ring knife, as well as a fire starter and fishing gear, including weights, bobbers, hooks, and swivels, to name a few.

You can unwind this paracord grenade from nine feet of 550-pound into long strands of rope. Thus, making it suitable as an everyday carry tool. Despite all the functions and portability, this tool will not make you rob the bank. 

Because of the inexpensive cost, you can even purchase more than just one paracord grenade keychain. You can keep it in your emergency kit, one for hiking and camping vacations, and another one that can hang in your car.

You’ll never know when the worst-case scenarios will happen, so better have as many tiny Paracord Grenade Keychains as you can before it happens, right?

SOG Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

SOG Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

SOG Multi-Tool Survival Pocket Knife is a lightweight specialty tool constructed with a sturdy 420 stainless steel and satin-polished finish. Though this survival multi-tool isn’t as competitive as the rest of the items on this list, it still does the job.

For this survival multi-tool pocket knife’s functions: pliers, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, blasting cap crimper, V-cutter, file, and wire cutter are among the tool’s inclusion.

As for the design, this pocket knife has two 2.75-inch blades, one straight-edged and the other serrated, open with one hand. The knives have exceptional cutting edge retention and need a little sharpening now and then.

With a length of 4.6 inches when closed and weighing 9.6 ounces, the SOG Survival Multi-Tool is easy to carry and includes a ballistic nylon sheath. 

Lastly, this pocket knife can be used side by side with the paracord grenade keychain and the TAC9ER Wallet as an everyday carry multi-tools for camping and trekking.

Last Words

The finest survival multi-tool can perform several jobs, thus the term multi-tool. The survival multi-tools in our collection come in styles that include folding Swiss Army-type knives, folding multi-tools, and compact, fantastic keychain and pocket card survival equipment.

When picking a multi-tool, consider the primary function, how you’ll carry it, and where you’ll keep it when not in use. Will you use it for everyday carry? You can ask yourself these questions, and your answers can be the key to identifying what survival multi-tool you need.

You can go over these articles to help you prepare for the unexpected even more.

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  1. I carry the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi Multi-Tool and the Victorinox Swiss Champ every day. I can confirm that they’re worth every dim.

  2. Perfect survival multi tools list to check for when you’re finding a present for your partner! My partner loves living in woods on a holiday or weekend, and I think SwissChamp is the best choice in this survival multi tools list.


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