The 7 Surprisingly Good Survival Podcasts of 2022

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In this article, I will cover 7 of the best survival podcasts of 2021.

There are many podcasts out there on survival and prepping. That is a good thing, because who doesn’t want to be informed or entertained when doing chores or commuting?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for expert advice, exciting conversations, quick tips, or surreal survival stories; there is a survival podcast for you. But, with the clutter of choice, it can be hard to choose the right survival podcast for you.

So, for your listening pleasure, we researched hundreds of survival podcasts, comparing them side-by-side. So, here I present to you the seven of the best survival podcasts.

Now, let’s get started.

1. The Dirtbag Diaries Survival Podcast

Dirtbag Diaries has daily content on nearly everything related to survival. Whether it’s backpacking to road trips and skiing, this source has been creating content since 2007 and is excellent for survival enthusiasts to survival experts. 

Fitz Cahall, an outdoor writer, and the Duct Tape Beer team also present stories about dreamers, athletes, and wanderers. This podcast has a wide variety of quality podcast content.

2. The Outside Podcast

The Outside Podcast has excellent content, as well. Here, you will mainly find interesting stories that will leave you inspired and motivated. 

This source has been creating content since 2016. These podcasts also have multiple intriguing series, like the “Science of Survival,” where they focus on the science of survival in the world’s most extreme environments. 

3. The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast is great for people of all levels. This is the prime place to get expert advice on thousands of questions. This source has mechanics and doctors answering questions, which is often overlooked. This podcast has been creating content since 2008. This podcast will include anything from mechanical and medical advice to hunting advice.

4. Out There Survival Podcast

This award-winning podcast talks about questions and answers with stories. Out There has been creating content since 2015. 

Experts on the show talk about power tools, cryptocurrency, batteries, solar power, the importance of truthful information, home school, vaccines, and much much more. Be sure to check them out if you have a deep interest in a panelist-type podcast with a wide range of experts to answer your questions.

5. Modern Combat and Survival Podcast

Modern Combat and Survival is a great podcast for people who are, or want to get serious about survival. In this podcast, you will get experts opinions on guns, combat, and wilderness survival. 

The sound quality of this podcast isn’t the best, but the content is great and targeted. Some of the content include “Survival for Seniors.”  

6. Epic Gardening Podcast

This is for the preppers who plan to rely on a green thumb. Epic Gardening is a very focused podcast. This podcast uploads daily content on everything related to gardening, their finance, different types of plants, and how to best garden. They give you a boost of gardening wisdom in just under 10 minutes a day. 

In their latest episode, they go over the absolute quickest crops to grow in small spaces.


7. Ashes Ashes Survival Podcast

This is for hardcore preppers and survivalists prepping for SHTF scenarios. Ashes Ashes covers a lot of scenarios and has plenty of interesting conversations. Ashes Ashes is a show about issues with our system, civilization, and even the end of the world. 

This podcast brings awareness to dangerous issues and helps unite people and strengthens communities. This podcast has been running since 2017.


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I hope you found a survival podcast you liked. In this article, I covered seven survival podcasts that might suit your preference.

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