Black Sky Event (Everything You Need to Know)

A black sky event is an event that everyone in the world is vulnerable to, especially the US.

The black sky event is when all the power gridlines get cut off, and a collapse begins. Critical infrastructure sectors that we rely on are hazardous such as nuclear energy sectors, chemical sectors, food sectors, and many others. I am serious when I say this – our families, households, and communities could be in great danger.

It is a fact that America and many other countries, too, can lose their electricity in literally a second, and they will have to stay there, vulnerable to further attacks.

There are so many different things that can shut down the power for days or even weeks, such as an EMP(electromagnetic pulse), cyber-terrorism right from someone’s basement, or a coordinated physical assault.

Furthermore, natural disasters like high-magnitude earthquakes, the sun interfering with our planet (geomagnetic disturbance), and much other severe weather events such as hurricanes will tear down our electrical gird – maybe permanently, causing the black sky event.

This may sound like an out of the world crazy prepper sci-fi impossible scenario made up by Hollywood, but I assure you that the black sky event will likely happen within our lifetime.

Let’s dig in.

First, I would like to cover a little of each of the hazards that we have, so we can be aware of our vulnerabilities and know exactly how to protect ourselves.

There are many black sky event documentaries and movies that you should watch to get a better grasp of what this event really is, along with the possible outcomes that may occur. 

Natural Disasters

black sky event natural disaster

Even our own planet can destroy our critical infrastructure to cause a black sky event.


Concurrently, in the US, some Earthquakes happen daily, and some of them do massive physical damage. Massive physical damage may disrupt some of our critical infrastructures, forming a prolonged power outage, which could lead to physical assaults, cyber attacks, and much more.

To add on, natural disasters, like earthquakes, can easily destroy several dozens of electric substations, high voltage transformers and transmission lines, and generators. It is a fact that earthquakes are a lethal threat, and we must protect ourselves from them.

Geomagnetic Distrubance

First, every five days, the sun ejects immense amounts of coronal mass, which has hit us a couple of times, each extremely devastating. If one of these coronal masses reaches Earth, it will disrupt the national power for days! This is something we have very little control over, and I’m scared of this.

In fact, in March of 1989, all of Quebec (a province of Canada which makes up a fourth of Canada) lost power for over half a day without notice. This also disrupted New England and New York on a major scale, and across the US, there were over 200 power grid problems.

Satellites also were disrupted, and we were lucky none of them lost orbit too much. However, this disturbance mysteriously and luckily vanished for literally no reason. We may not be lucky next time, and if this disturbance continued to happen for days, there would surely be a collapse.

More information:

Hurricanes and Others

Severe weather patterns have lurked for decades. These patterns are getting more severe every year thanks to climate change, and we are vulnerable to this as well.

The department of energy remarked that the increase in temperatures and the decrease in water availability would cause more intense storms and negatively affect their energy transmission.

Storms are hazardous and could destroy entire states. Besides, they’re not going to get any better, so you should prepare for this too.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

blacky sky event nuclear bomb explosion EMP

Following natural disasters, an EMP or electromagnetic pulse is a national threat. EMPs can short out all the electrical devices in a sub-continental range. This is a major hazard for the black sky event.

There will be a few things that have a higher probability of not shorting out than others. This includes most low-voltage devices like devices that run on 12-volt batteries and below.

Based on the US and Russian EMP hardware vulnerability tests, an EMP would cause an extended duration, subcontinental power outage, causing a collapse.

In fact, the Department of Defense announced plans to upgrade and renew their Cheyenne Mountain military complex for its essential EMP-protected characteristics.

We are vulnerable to an EMP, and the Congressional EMP Commission noted that terrorists would be especially difficult to deal with during an EMP.

Although the likelihood of terrorists ever developing nuclear technology is slim, we must consider this as well. 

Furthermore, there are 40 trillion tons of uranium on the Earth’s crust, and if even a little is uncovered, unfriendly nations could build nuclear weaponry, causing mass destruction.

International Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI)

To add on to EMPs, IEMIs are a big threat to this country because it can be done by anyone anywhere, anytime. The IEMI is a radio frequency weapon, which means it causes multiple repeated pulses to disrupt computers.

IEMI can disrupt every device and extract information if that is what the terrorist intent is. 

The worst part is that this weapon does not have to be nuclear and can be made easily by anyone with an understanding of mechanics.

IEMIs are also nearly untraceable and leave no physical trace. North Korea coordinated an attack on South Korea to attack two airports, which they did. An estimated 300 planes and 100 boats were affected by the IEMI. 

Now, imagine that at a national scale, that would be devastating. This is definitely something we should protect ourselves from.


black sky event cyber-attack

Furthermore, cyber-terrorism is one of the most likely things to cause the black sky event. It uses computer network tools to shut down critical national infrastructures or intimidate a government or civilian population.

We become more vulnerable to this every day. Hostile countries could easily exploit us and destroy our poorly guarded cybersecurity system.

So, now a good question is, how safe are we from cyber-terrorism? In almost all cases, a cyberattack won’t be as devastating as a physical attack against you but is still worth protecting yourself from.

Cyber attacks pose complicated problems that reach into new areas for national security and public security. We can now be attacked from almost anywhere, and our military can’t do a single thing about it.

With technology growing rapidly, a cyber attack may trigger a collapse if the attack targets the right place, perhaps one of our critical infrastructures such as chemical or nuclear powers.

Something as simple as a power shortage could trigger mass terrorist attacks, killing thousands in hospitals and many other places immediately and causing all sorts of dangers to break free.

There are roughly 158,727 cyber attacks per hour, according to AAG services. With thousands of cyber terrorism attacks designed to kill every year. Every day those terrorists innovate new things, and if we fall behind, we will fall vulnerable to their attacks.

The Plan

To prepare for the black sky event, you need a long-term plan that you can actually use whenever you think a collapse might happen. You will need to make sure that you secure yourself from the most dangerous and likely scenarios.

Natural Disaster

black sky event plan for natural disasters

Natural disasters can happen all the time, and it will probably cause a mass power outage for an extended period of time.

You would probably want to get a small radio to listen to for any information that may be important.

Things you should have include non-perishable food, medicine, and plenty of water (because you won’t be able to use tap water because of possible contamination), along with a couple of gallons of gasoline, your important documentation on hand (in a secure waterproof area), and a first aid kit.

This PDF checklist should get you through most scenarios.


If an EMP hits, I can assure you that most of your electric appliances will short circuit and break.

It would be best to have a hand pump water supply, a solar oven, grain and meat grinder, and your own food reserve for at least a couple of months.

Of course, you should also have things like beans, bullets, gasoline, caffeine, hygiene products, and entertainment for yourself, and even people you can trade with! 

It would be best if you had candles (with salt, here’s why), chemical light sticks, and of course, the most important source of light – oil lamps. They are not vulnerable to heat, and it costs three cents per hour to keep it lit. Another thing you need is transportation, which is what bikes are for.

It would be best if you also had hand-tools. Hand tools are for repairing or reinforcing your home at the last-minute will require hand-tools. You can learn more about what you need with this PDF checklist.

Cyber-Attacks & IEMI

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much we can do to ensure national security, but you can secure yourself from the 158,727 cyber attacks that happen every hour. You can also encourage the government to increase security.

If our infrastructure does get destroyed due to an IEMI or cyber-attack, it is best to have pretty much everything I covered above for the EMP.

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned about the hazards of the black sky event, and you learned how to protect yourself against most of the dangers caused by the black sky event.

You can defend yourself against many blackout scenarios with a simple generator, so do yourself a favor and get one. Here is my generator that I use – the Westinghouse 7500DF review.

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