Chris Speir

Chris speir

Hi, I’m Chris Speir, a contributor here at Defiel. I LOVE THE GREAT OUTDOORS!

Ever since I was young, I have loved the outdoors! I have always loved camping and fishing, and hunting. Then I fell in love with survival. I tried to learn everything I could in case the unthinkable happened, and I wanted to know what to do.

Outdoor living is a passion. I love being out in the wild. God’s great outdoors. This channel is my take on learning how to make videos and how to show the beauty of the world through my eyes.

As a little backstory, I was selected to go on naked and afraid several years ago. My trip would have been to the plains of Africa. At the time, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about fire and shelter, but when it came to water, I really didn’t know how to get it in a dry place. 

So… I backed out to practice and study more. I tried to research as much as I could and practice as much as I could, and when I got comfortable and tried reapplying, I was turned down. So that started my journey of being ready.

I am now the proud owner of Speir Outdoors!

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