Do Deer Eat Hickory Nuts? [Everything You Must Know]

Deers love nuts, and being around nuts will give you a good chance at hunting deer. But deer don’t like all nuts equally. Do deer eat hickory nuts?

Deers do not eat Hickory nuts. This is because they’re not used to eating hard-shelled nuts and would probably eat other things instead. There are variations of Hickory nuts with thinner shells that deer may eat, though.

Let’s dig into more detail.

Deers generally do not eat Hickory nuts because of their hard shells. But, during Winter or Fall, you may see deer go after Pignut Hickory nuts, as those have thinner shells.

Deers eat what is most convenient, and Hickory nuts probably won’t be the case for most Deer. Even though it is technically edible for them, they cannot easily consume the nuts.

If that is one of the few food sources, they may go around the Hickory nuts and try them out but will not eat them.

Deers also like what they’re used to eating – grass, leaves, and some nuts.

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Do Deers Eat Pignut Hickory Nuts?

Deers can eat Pignut Hickory nuts since their shells are thinner than other types of Hickory nuts.

The shells are easy to consume, so you may see them eating these nuts on occasion, especially in Winter or Fall.

Do Deers Eat Bitternut Hickory Nuts?

Yes, deers can eat Bitternut Hickory nuts. They also have fairly soft shells that deers can munch on. Their shells split into four sections.

Do Deers Eats Shagbark Hickory Nuts?

No, deers do not eat Shagbark Hickory nuts because they have a very hard shell that deers cannot chew.

These nuts taste less bitter than Pignuts, which makes them a great delicacy to you.

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Deers will not eat this nut because it is too much work for them to crack through and eat.

Do Deers Eat Mockernut Hickory Nuts?

No, deers will not consume Mockernut Hickory nuts since they have a hard shell. You would be much better off finding other food sources to be around for deer hunting.

Why Deers Eat Certain Hickory Nuts

Deers are choosers – they won’t just eat anything for the same reason we won’t eat anything. It’s inconvenient, or it isn’t to our taste.

But, for Hickory nuts like Pignut Hickory nuts, deers can eat them. They often eat other nuts, but they generally love nuts.

If Pignut Hickory nuts are either one of the only food sources or are widely available, then deers will consume it since it nourishes them and fills their belly conveniently.

What Nuts Do Deers Eat?

Deers typically eat nuts like acorns, white oak, and post oak. You can find post oak in drier areas.

Deers will also eat nuts like Pecans, Peanuts, Beechnuts, Chestnuts, and other forms of nuts. These nuts can be found throughout the US. 

Deers love Peanuts and Acorns for their convenience. They’ll commonly eat these nuts.

What Do Deers Eat?

Deers eat forbs the most – these are weeds. They also eat leaves, twigs, and some nuts.

They eat forbs because it’s straightforward for them to digest and it’s filled with nutrients. Additionally, weeds are everywhere and are hard to get rid of, as some of you may know.

Another all-time favorite for deer is shrubs; they love being around shrubs and eating their leaves. They stay around all year; even if they lose their leaves, their twigs still have nutrients.

Other than that, they also eat some nuts like Peanuts and Acorns reasonably commonly.

What Animals Eat Hickory Nuts?

Hickory nuts are most commonly eaten by ducks, quail, and turkeys

Mockernuts are consumed by foxes, chipmunks, rabbits, and woodpeckers. So, if you’re hunting any of these animals, then being around Hickory nuts is a smart move.

Final Words

So, do deer eat Hickory nuts? Deer will only eat what’s most convenient to them, as they are big choosers. They will only eat specific species of Hickory nuts that have thinner shells like Pignut.

Overall, Hickory nuts aren’t the best food to be around if you’re hunting, but if they’re one of the only foods around, then it’s worth a shot.

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