Do Deer Move in the Rain? [The Real Answer You Need to Know]

So, you’re out hunting, and you see a deer, or maybe you’re planning to hunt soon, and you’re wondering if deer moves in the rain. In both cases, we’ve got you covered.

So, do deer move in the rain? Yes, deers move in the rain. In fact, most deers move more in the rain. The rain will affect your ability to hunt deer. But it’s still possible to hunt deer in the rain.

So, how do deers react to the rain, is it a good idea to hunt in the rain, and more coming up.

Let’s dig in.

Yes, we know for a fact deer still move in the rain. The amount they move in differing types of rain is still being debated. 

Some scientific studies, including an Oklahoma study, have noted that it has little effect on their daily activities. 

Other studies have shown that deer move more in light to moderate rain. Some scientists, like Boggess, think deer move less in heavy rain.

Overall, no scientific consensus has been created yet, but there have been a handful of studies that state deers move slightly less in heavy rain while slightly faster in light to moderate rain. 

So, the studies have shown that rain does have little effect on deer in terms of movement. The times they are active may be shifted by the rain. 

Why Do Deer Move in the Rain?

Like humans, deer don’t mind a little rain. They just go about their day normally. 

Rain cools them down, so deer may be out more if you are in hotter weather. They don’t like weather that’s too hot, so getting some relief will be in their best interest.

So, I think deer move slightly less in heavy rain because they’re enjoying it a little more. But I’m not a deer, so I wouldn’t know.

Should You Hunt in the Rain?

Hunting in the rain will be more complex and uncomfortable, but there may be more deer to hunt.

Not many hunters are out in the rain, and deer will not be able to smell you as good, so they won’t know what’s coming their way.

Additionally, your old tracks could be washed away – and you definitely do not want your deer to see some fresh new tracks on the ground.

But then again, being in a thunderstorm is not exactly comfortable or safer. It will be more challenging to move around and hear deer. You would need more gear to stay safe and comfortable. 

You will need excellent rain gear, a waterproof blind, and other essential gear.

How to Hunt Deer in the Rain?

Okay, so if you’ve decided you want to hunt some deer in rainy weather, you will first need to buy the above poncho; it’s incredibly cheap. Despite this great piece of gear, you can still expect to get at least a little bit wet.

Next, you will need to go to the bathroom before going out hunting and getting some snacks. Weather is unpredictable; it could rain heavily one moment, then be sunny the next. So, you’ll want to prepare yourself to sit for several hours.

Then, go near some food that deers like, like nuts and leaves. You can learn whether deer like hickory nuts here

Then, you’ll have to wait for them. I recommend you go out around dawn or dusk – since that’s when deer are most active. 

After that, how well you can use your bow, rifle, or slingshot comes up – remember, be patient. The perfect shot will come.

Last Words

So, do deer move in the rain? Yes, deer move in the rain. They have little changes to their movement, but they will move slightly slower in heavy rain and somewhat faster in light to moderate rain.

Whether you choose to go out in rainy weather is up to you. There are many pros and cons to consider. If you go out, please check out the extremely cheap and durable poncho I use above.

I hope you enjoyed this article and happy hunting.

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