Do Onions Kill Rats [Everything You Need to Know]

Rats can be annoying – they eat a lot, contaminate things with urine and feces, and even spread disease. The worse part is they breed like crazy.

So, you might be wondering – do onions kill rats?

Yes, onions can kill rats by making them very sick. Over a few days, they will die naturally. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution to killing rats.

So, in this article, we’ll learn more about this – and hopefully, get rid of your rat problem.

Let’s dive right in.

Onions kill rats by draining their cells, thus limiting the amount of oxygen in their body. 

Onions can do this because rats have bodies that cannot successfully break down onions in their digestive tracts. 

Onions also contain things like disulfide and thiosulphates – which is pretty bad for animals in general.

This will not kill the rats immediately, though – it will probably take several days. But that’s not all you should be concerned about – because rats are often good at avoiding things that are bad for them.

How Can You Get Rats to Eat Onions?

The smell of onions repels rats right off the bat, leaving you with a problem. If you cannot get the rats to eat the onion, you can’t kill them. So how do you get the rats to eat onions?

Well, you have to be very deceptive. One way I like using it is putting another vegetable or fruit next to the onion to limit the smell. This is because the scent only repels the rats, but if there are other smells present, that may get the rats to eat the onions. 

For example, you can use a banana since bananas often have a strong smell. Another way is to use a spice like outlined in the video below:


Can You Use Onions as a Rat Repellent?

So, maybe you don’t want to kill the rats – you just don’t want them going in your house. Can you use onions as rat repellent? 

Yes, you can. But, this isn’t a great long-term solution for you. This is because, the rat can probably find other entrances or make other entrances.

Additionally, this may not be super convenient to you because the onion smell can stink up your place with time. 

However, onions serve as a great option for keeping out garden rats.

What is the Best Way to Kill a Rat?

Now, there’s always a chance that some of these rats will not eat the onions and die out, so you may have to try something else. 

So, what’s the best way to exterminate rats?

Snap Traps

Snap traps have been around for a while and are often very cost-effective. Putting these snap traps in locations, you suspect the rats may be hiding is a good idea.

A piece of advice here is to use rat bait. Often in movies, a piece of cheese is used as rat bait. However, I’ve seen that peanut butter performs the best.

Now, I know some people reading this article may not have peanut butter, so in that case, bacon, fruits, and cereal also work very well. 

Bait Stations

Bait stations are a box with an entrance that allows rats to eat food with poison, then leave. This food can be peanut butter, fruits, cereal, those kinds of things – because rats love those. There’s also food that naturally has po

This is contained inside the station, so it’s much safer than leaving it outside somewhere, where children and pets can be subject to the poison. 

Below is, by far, the best rat poison I have found and used before.

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How to Prevent Any Further Rat Problem

So, you’ve used onions mixed with some bananas or the Just One Bite Bar – you got rid of your rat problem. Now, how do you keep it this way?

Fill Any Holes in Your House

If rats can find holes in your warm and cozy home, they’ll use it. Do a deep inspection of the exterior and interior of your house. These holes certainly don’t have to be big for rats to squeeze through them, so be very thorough. 

Keep Some Traps

Now that you’ve made sure no rat can enter, you just have to make sure no other rat is left. Keep some traps in locations where you think a rat may go.

Cut Their Food Supply

Now that you’ve set some traps – cut all possible food supplies.

You can do this by covering your garbage, picking ripe fruit from trees, and not leaving any food or crumbs on the floor.


Do Green Onions Kill Rats?

Green onions can kill rats but slower than regular onions. These onions contain fewer toxins needed to kill rats. 

Can Onions Benefit Rats?

No, onions cannot benefit rats as they are poison to rats which will limit the amount of oxygen in their bodies. 

If you own a pet rat, use things like fruits, cereal, and peanut butter.

Do Cooked Onions Kill Rats?

Cooked onions can kill rats, but they are slower than regular onions. This is because regular onions have the maximum amount of toxins, and by cooking them, you limit the amount of toxins these onions have.

Final Words

So, in this article, you learned that rats could get very sick from eating onions; they are repelled by onions, methods to get rid of rats, and how to keep them that way.

Some may argue that the way this kills rats is inhumane, so using something like the One Bite Bar may be better, but it’s up to you. You can choose to mask your onion’s smell with another food, and the rats eating this food will die within days.

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