Do Pop Tarts Expire? [Expiration Info & More]

So, you have some pop tarts, wondering, ‘do pop tarts expire?’ Pop tarts are very tasty and sweet. It’s a big family favorite too! – These sweet pastries are good for breakfast and only need a few minutes of warm-up in the toaster.

Pop tarts typically do not have an expiration date. They have a best-by date – I will be using these terms interchangeably.

Yes, pop tarts expire. It’s safe to eat pop tarts 6-12 months after the expiration date, depending on storage methods. After that, you will need to look at different signs to see if it’s safe to eat.

Let’s dive into the different storage methods ands, signs to look out for.

You could eat most foods after the best-by date if you stored the food properly. Typically 6-12 months after the expiration date is a safe time to eat your pop tarts.

Remember that eating things after the best-by date may mean less flavor and a different texture than you’re used to. The companies use this date to avoid any significant liabilities – so they typically set it higher than it actually is.

Do Pop Tarts Go Bad if Left Out?

Pop tarts go bad much faster if left out. Once you open the package, you will need to eat it within two weeks.

You may extend this time by sealing the pop tarts in an air-tight bag. This may actually raise the overall lifespan of your pop tarts much longer.

Do Pop Tarts Get Moldy?

Pop tarts can get moldy because bacteria and other pathogens can form on the pop tarts. This is especially true in a humid, hot, or bright environment.

It is important not to eat moldy pop tarts as this is a health hazard. We recommend disposing of the pop tart promptly.

You can reduce the likelihood of pop tarts molding with the use of a freezer.

How Long Do Pop Tarts Last in the Freezer?

Keeping pop tarts in the freezer may prevent molding or adverse conditions to the pop tarts, but may not extend the pop tarts’ lifespan significantly.

Some have claimed leaving them in freezers may extend the pop tarts lifespan 6-months.

If you do decide to freeze your pop tarts, once you eat them, let them defrost a little first. Pop tarts may also taste better cold – you can try it with the chocolate flavor!

How Long Do Pop Tarts Last in the Pantry?

The pantry offers standard conditions and the same things apply. You can eat pop tarts 6-12 months after the expiration date, as long as it does not have any signs of expiration.

How Long Can Pop Tarts Be Left Out?

Once opened, pop tarts last between 1-2 weeks.

The quality of the pop tart will degrade exponentially, so it’s important to eat it fast or restore your pop tarts with an air-tight bag.

How to Tell a Pop Tart Expired

So, throughout this article, I’ve referred to these ‘expirations signs.’ So, what are they? 

It’s straightforward, do not eat your pop tarts if they show signs of mold, smell bad, or taste horrible when you take a bite.

If you take a bite that tastes horrible, spit it out and toss the pop tart out.

Some other signs include flakiness, discoloration, and damages in the packaging.

You cannot reverse the expiration process.

How to Store Pop Tarts

There are several good ways to store pop tarts, some of which have been discussed above.

The optimal conditions for storing food are in a dark, cool location. This can be in a pantry, freezer, or refrigerator. It’s also best practice to use an airtight bag when storing your pop tarts – this can extend their lifespan much longer.

It is essential to avoid humidity, sun, and heat. Those typically accelerate the expiring process and form mold. You can prevent most of these with an airtight bag.

How to Prepare Pop Tarts to Eat

Pop tarts can be eaten regularly, warm or cold. 

If you want to eat one of your pop tarts, you’ll need to take it out of your airtight bag or package and determine if you want them cold or hot.

If you have them stored in a freezer, wait for them to defrost slightly.

If you stored them in a pantry or a similar location, you could keep them in the freezer for 20 minutes before eating your pop tarts.

If you want the pop tarts to be hot, like I do, you can either microwave them for 3 seconds or set them in your toaster to the lowest setting. After that, wait a little bit, then you can eat away!

Pop tarts are pretty thin, so it’s essential you don’t go over this too much, or else you may end up with a burnt pop tart.

Final Words

Depending on how you store your pop tarts, they may last longer. If you want to extend your pop tarts’ lifespan, it is essential you keep them in an airtight bag. 

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. If you follow all the best practices, you will be able to eat this delicious snack safely, well after the best-by date.

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