Does WD40 Stain Clothes? [Not What You’d Expect]

So, you have some WD40 stored up, and you’re thinking of using it. But you’re not sure if it stains your clothes. Well, in this article, we’ll answer that question.

Does WD40 stain clothes? Yes, WD40 can stain clothes. This is because it contains petroleum-based products which can cause staining on certain materials such as fabrics. It is especially important to be careful when using this product around delicate clothing or upholstery since the oils in the formula may leave behind a greasy residue that will not easily wash out of fabric fibers. 

Let’s dig into more detail.

Yes, WD40 can stain clothes. It is a petroleum-based lubricant that contains oil and other chemicals which have the potential to cause staining on many fabrics. 

Because of this, it should never be sprayed directly onto clothing or carpeting as there is a risk of permanent damage in some cases.

To prevent any staining due to accidental spray contact with fabric materials when using WD40 products, wear an apron, protective eyewear, and gloves while working. 

If possible, also cover surrounding furniture and floor surfaces with plastic sheets before use. If you do come into contact with your clothing by accident – act quickly! 

Immediately remove affected articles from the skin, taking care not to spread the product further around yourself, or others present then rinse off thoroughly under running water, then wash according to instructions stated on the garment label – repeating the process until all traces of residue are removed completely prior to drying the item(s).

Can WD40 Remove Stains?

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No, WD-40 is not recommended for removing stains. Despite the fact that some people may have had success using it on their own clothes, this method of stain removal can be unreliable and even potentially damaging to fabrics. 

This is because more oil could be added to the fabric instead of removed. It’s best to use a specialized oily soap like Amodex in order to treat fresh or old stains. 

Let the remover sit on the affected spot for 30-45 minutes, then brush out with laundry soap before washing normally.

How to Get WD40 Out of Clothes

Blot the WD-40 oil stain with white paper towels, replacing them as they become oily. Absorb as much WD-40 from the clothing as possible.

Spray pre-wash stain remover solution liberally onto the WD-40 grease stain and let it soak in for 10 minutes, then wash off using a washing machine on its hottest setting suitable to the fabric type (as specified by the care label). 

Warm water and dish soap has also been seen to be mostly effective.

Lay the garment flat out to air dry afterward; if any oil stains remain, repeat this process until all traces of oil are gone completely.

WD40 has be a stubborn stain, similar to a cooking oil stain or a motor oil stain. Although, whatever you do, try to get it out as fast as possible, since fresh stain is easier to get out then an old greasy stain. 

Can WD40 Remove Rust From Clothes?

No, WD40 is not recommended for use on clothes. It may remove the rust, but it can also cause damage to fabrics and colors.

Some options to remove rust from clothes include using lemon juice and baking soda paste or white vinegar with salt. 

You can also try brushing off the rust with an old toothbrush before washing your clothes as normal in hot water – this should help loosen any remaining particles of rust.

Although, in a pinch, WD40 can remove rust, you may have a stain after it’s used.

Final Words

Overall, WD40 does cause stains on clothes and doesn’t work as an effective stain remover. It can remove rust, but you will stain the clothes.

WD40 is something everyone should have, but you must practice caution by using gloves, glasses, and an apron if you want to keep your clothes stain-free.

We hope you enjoyed this article and keep on prepping!

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