EDC For Women [Top Must Carry Gears for 2023]

This article will give you the top EDC for women. These EDC gears are the items you should always carry and should never leave your home without them.

Whether male or female, prepper or non-prepper, everyone should have an everyday carry (EDC) kit. It is a necessary component of urban existence.

While people should adapt to the individual’s demands, there is a need to go over women’s EDC gear in greater depth.

Why? Because women face a distinct set of difficulties that men do not. You require items that most men would not consider.

Let’s dig in and look at the top EDC for women.

How Can Your EDC Help You?

How Can Your EDC Help You?

You and both know that you’re no Mary Poppins. With that in mind, you’d see that you don’t have an endless bag to store everything you own. 

I know you wish you had because it would be great to have anything you’d ever need anywhere. But let’s get back to reality. To be entirely prepared for all of life’s shocks is challenging.

Even so, your EDC gear should assist you.

Small Everyday Mistakes

Zippers that won’t zip, blisters from torture devices known as shoes, and crimson stains around that time of the month are just a few examples of accidents that might occur while going about your daily routine.


You’d run out of digits if you tallied the number of times you battled with revengeful periods or public facilities without toilet paper on both hands.


If you have any, your children regard you as a superhero. They’ll expect you to patch their wounds, provide an endless supply of goodies, and keep them safe from outsiders. It may seem like a heavy request, but for parents, it’s all in a day’s work.

Unexpected Delays 

Being stopped in traffic isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but if trapped for hours, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.


Because the world is packed with creeps, you must always be prepared to fight them. Apart from understanding hand-to-hand combat, having self-defense weapon on hand is beneficial.

EDC for Women Checklist: What to Bring Everywhere

EDC for Women Checklist What to Bring Everywhere

Everything on this list meets the two criteria that should be present in all EDC gear: utility and practicality. Look them up:

Water Bottle

Even if it’s only an hour, you don’t want to be without water. Imagine being thirsty on a 95-degree day or standing in line at the doctor’s clinic with nothing to drink.

Bring a water bottle that you can replenish whenever possible to remain hydrated. If you choose, you can also bring water purification pills or a water filter.

Food for Emergencies

MREs and freeze-dried meals belong in your bug-out kit. All you’ll need in your EDC are some crackers, gum, or energy bars to keep you going while you’re stranded somewhere for a while.


A pickpocket can still steal your wallet even if you’re extremely cautious. As a result, you should never stuff it with hundreds of dollars and all of your credit cards. Give the thieves no cause to rejoice.

Only bring what you’ll need for the day. If you need to carry a lot of cash, invest in a money belt.

Another piece of advice: don’t keep your IDs in your wallet. It’s a pain to replace them. If it’s stolen, at least you’ll still have them.

Cash Reserves

While we’re on the subject of currency and lost wallets, having spare cash in your EDC is essential. You need a small amount for circumstances such as running out of petrol or paying for a bus or taxi ride home.

You can stash your backup cash in several places, including a sanitary pad or tampon applicator inside, in the case of your phone, or a hairbrush with a hidden chamber. You can also insert it beneath your shoe but store them in a plastic bag first.

Small First Aid Kit

You don’t have to pack all your first-aid materials every time you go out. Being prepared is good, but there is a narrow line between level headedness and excess. Our recommendation is to only bring a little first-aid kit with you.

Reduce your supplies to the absolute necessities; if you’re more accident-prone than the typical Jane, have small children, or suffer from a medical issue, add these to your list.

Here are some essential items to have in your tiny first-aid kit:

  • Bandages with adhesive
  • Band-aids
  • Antibacterial wipes (on Amazon)
  • Tweezers
  • Gauze
  • Surgical tape
  • Scissors, small
  • Painkillers
  • Prescription medications
wallet multitool TAC9ER


Nail ingrown. Broken toy. A spontaneous road excursion. Accidentally locking yourself outside your house. Do you know what can solve all of these issues? A versatile instrument.



Multitools are little devices that include scissors, bottle openers, tweezers, screwdrivers, and pliers. They’re ideal for unexpected crises on the fly. You can even utilize a number of the tools to defend yourself against attackers.



Get a wallet multitool from TAC9ER if you need additional space. It fits in your back pocket perfectly.



Your phone functions as an extension of your body, so if you leave it behind in your dash to get to work on time, you’ll regret it for the rest of the day. That little gadget comes in helpful for practically everything:

  • Texting your kids about their whereabouts.
  • Looking up directions when you’re in a new place.
  • Call 911 to report an accident you just observed.

You may also spend the time reading eBooks or playing a few games on your phone. Also, it would be terrible to lose your phone, so turn on the GPS to help you find it. You should also create an ICE (in case of emergency) phone number. 

If the worst happens, the EMS will be able to reach your emergency contact immediately away. Various applications can also assist you if you ever find yourself in danger, such as:


This helpful tool lets a group of people you trust track your position using GPS. It also functions as an emergency siren. It will send your location to your contacts and capture audio and video from your phone if you strike it.


If you’re feeling unsafe or need immediate assistance, use Noonlight. All you need to do is hold the button down. When you reach safety, release it and input your pin. If you get into problems, let go of the control and don’t input your pin. You will receive emergency assistance.

One Scream

Before leaving the house, turn on the location function of this app. Scream if something awful happens. The app will then inform the people you specified earlier.

Last Words

Women endure challenges that most men will never face in their lives. They have monthly periods, are pregnant for nine months, and would need defense from people twice their size.

Yes, the world is frightening for women of all ages. While you can’t control the environment or the people around you, carrying an EDC kit can help you deal with little annoyances and more significant dangers.

Lastly, the items included in this list can be your starting guide to customizing your EDC according to your needs. You get these items first and modify them accordingly.

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