8 EDC Pouch Essentials [The Definitive Guide]

This article will list the top eight most important EDC pouch contents that you can ensure you have and include what made them essential and how they will benefit you on your next adventure.

An EDC bag is a fantastic way to carry various valuable items. If placed in a pouch, you can toss them in your car or hang them on your MOLLE bag.

Having an EDC pouch means you’ll always have a few essential tools on hand whether you’re working around the house if your car breaks down or in any other emergency.

But what exactly should you put in your pouch? Don’t worry. With the top eight must-haves, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at the pouch itself before getting started on the bag’s contents. Knivesandtools EDC bag, Maxpedition CAP, and Nitecore NUP20 are our favorite EDC pouches. You could always go with the Maxpedition Zip hook for a more compact solution..

Let’s now get into the top 8 best EDC pouch contents.

Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool plier

An EDC pouch isn’t an EDC bag unless it includes a multi tool. The average multi tool is the size of a small toolbox and is exceptionally useful. Pliers, like screwdrivers, are extremely valuable in various situations.

A must-have item is the Gerber Center-Drive, and the Leatherman Wave Plus (on Amazon). Preparers also favor them. Also, an extended Swiss pocket knife would be a more compact option. You can also consider the Victorinox Swiss champ.

2. Flashlight

Fenix E28R flashlight

A flashlight is also a necessary item. A flashlight will be helpful more often than you think, whether you need to look in your crawl space or your automobile breaks down in the dark.

As long as you have it in your pouch, it doesn’t have to be a gigantic piece of equipment capable of lighting up a whole stadium. Small flashlights are pretty strong enough these days.

Consider the Fenix E28R or Fenix E18R (on Amazon) rechargeable and valuable.

3. Plasters and Painkillers

very basic first aid kid laid out

A complete first-aid package can be overkill. Accidents might happen whether you’re working around the house or playing around the forest.

A few plasters take up very little space, and you can get rid of that headache or back discomfort with a few painkillers (on Amazon).

Also, keep in mind that carrying these items isn’t always for your advantage. Small things like these can make a massive difference to someone less prepared.

4. Sharpening Solution

Skerper Pocket Stone

A dull knife will not go very far. As a result, keeping a pocket sharpening stone or tiny sharpening device in your EDC pack is always a good idea.

After that, you may either maintain your knives or swiftly repair someone else’s dull knife. After all, helping others is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

The Skerper Pocket Stone, Fällkniven DC4 (on Amazon), or Work Sharp Guided Pack Sharpener are excellent choices for travel.

5. Pen and Notebook

tactical pen by Rick Hinderer

Even if the smartphone, especially paired with a quality laptop, is now more powerful than the pen, we shouldn’t cast it out. It’s ideal for making brief notes or schematic sketches while doing household chores.

On a smartphone, things are a little more challenging. Plus, tactical pen manufacturers often include glass breakers with their products. In an emergency, this is quite useful.

We recommend having Rick Hinderer Investigator pens or the Maxpedition Spikata (on Amazon) and Rite in the Rain waterproof notebooks.

6. Powernbank with Charging Cable

nitecore brand battery backup for recharging gadgets

Our life would be over if we didn’t have a smartphone. That is why we must maintain it operational. To ensure it has always had power is having a small power bank.

Of course, you should include charging cords for your phone and the lights in your bag. For a power bank, the Nitecore NPB2 10,000mAh is one of the users’ favorites, and it fits in many EDC bags.

It’s also water-resistant and strong enough to double-charge your smartphone.

7. Firesteel with Tinder

kindling for a flint and steel or firesteel

You shouldn’t have to depend on the firesteel in your EDC bag if you walk into the bush. In that scenario, you are to be more prepared.

Firesteel with tinder, on the other hand, can come in useful in an emergency or when your BBQ refuses to cooperate, and they don’t take up much space in your pouch.

The Hultafors Flint FS firesteel is about the size of a pen, and also, an Exotac TinderZip (on Amazon) will fit well in the zip of your pack.

8. Duct Tape, Paracord, and Superglue

Duct Tape, Paracord, and Superglue

Yes, they are three entirely different things, but they’re all handy, especially for a repair job.

It isn’t easy to find someone who hasn’t heard of duct tape. You can use duct tape to fix everything from garments and tents to mending shattered components of your automobile after a minor run-in with a pole while parking.

On the other hand, the paracord was created as a parachute cord and is extremely strong. You can use paracord for everything from a laundry line to a guy rope and shoelaces to sutures. A handful of meters in your purse will be hardly noticeable, but it will come in useful.

For modest repairs, superglue (on Amazon) is suitable for broken items and minor wounds. Many folks have told me about having a knife mishap in the middle of nowhere and being able to fix the damage using superglue. It’s a terrific addition to your painkiller and plaster collection.

Last Words

You’ll be prepared for various circumstances with these necessities.

Add whatever else comes to mind. For example, a USB drive, lip balm, wire ties, a bit set for pocket knife maintenance, and a BIC lighter are just a handful of our personal favorites. Ensure to wrap the lighter in duct tape for additional security.

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