Estwing Tomahawk Review (Is it Worth it?)

In this article, I will do a step-by-step Estwing Tomahawk review, covering every nook and cranny.

When it comes to axes, having a lightweight, strong, durable, and high-quality axe is essential. So, in this Estwing Tomahawk review, I will cover what I think about its weight, strength, and quality.

I have many pros and a few cons for the Estwing Tomahawk. First, should you trust the company? Yes, the company has been manufacturing quality axes, hammers, and hatchets for centuries. 

The company – Estwing uses the highest grade of steels, a superior design, and all of their tools are American made. By contributing to this, you are helping hardworking Americans reach the American dream.

Estwing has been making these tools for everyone, from military professionals to athletes, for centuries.

Frankly, as a person who actually owns an Estwing Tomahawk, it’s worth it. So, now in this Estwing Tomahawk review, I will explain precisely why this axe is worth your money.

Let’s dive in.

These are a couple of the key features of the Estwing Tomahawk that is worth mentioning:

  • Made in America with the finest, most durable, and lightest materials
  • Dimensions: 16.25 x 7.38 x 1.25 in
  • Blade length: 2.45 in (6.22 cm)
  • Material: Quality stoned high carbon steel
  • Handle: Patented shock reduction grip
  • Weight: 8oz (0.5lb)
  • Designed for tough tasks

My Experience With the Estwing Tomahawk

Estwing Tomahawk Review 1

In my personal experiences with the Estwing Tomahawk, I have had a positive result with it. I honestly can’t recommend it more. It has everything and more compared to $500 axes, and after a couple of days of testing this axe, these were my results.

Just as a quick note, these functionality tests include cutting, penetrating, shattering, and finally, retention.


When cutting, I felt like this was a decent cutter, especially for its price.

To test how well the Estwing Tomahawk axe cuts, I tested it on foot in diameter log to see how well it chopped the wood.

Like most axes, I used the proper method, where I struck the log at a 45° angle from two perpendicular directions along the cut-line, effectively making a V shape in the wood. 

As I was chopping, I did not get tired because of its crazy low weight. The low weight definitely wasn’t a downside when cutting the log because I could cut faster since it was so light.

Equally important, the blade’s high-quality stoning was excellent and very sharp and perfect for chopping think material.


Penetrating, for me, means to break through a car door or even a brick wall. When I was testing this, I tried to penetrate through an 18-gauge steel panel.

When first striking the panel, I approached the blade’s upper edge first and swung the tomahawk at a steep angle, making a big hole on the first strike. From there, it was pretty easy to dig on that hole to make it bigger. 


Now, when I’m talking about shattering, I’m talking about shattering strong glass or maybe a brick wall. To test this, I was trying to shatter a cinder block I had lying around.

I took the same approach as penetrating but instead, with the spiky pickaxe end, and by the third strike, the 4 inches thick cinder block split into four pieces. Now, this doesn’t mean you can split a 4-inch cinder block within three strikes. Your strength plays a vital role in how fast you can shatter something.

From what I’ve heard, with almost any tool, including construction-grade drillers, it’s hard to break a 4-inch thick cinder block, and this broke that in just a few swings.


Now, after all of those three tests, how well did the blade hold up? There were no noticeable chips or scratches. However, the edge had seemed to dull just a little bit in a couple of areas.

I have been using this for two months now, and I haven’t noticed any further dulling and not a single chip!

Pros & Cons

  • This is made in the US.
  • Made with hard high carbon steel
  • Comfortable, durable grip
  • Patented shock reduction
  • Extremely light (0.5lb)
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Cheaper Short & Long Term
  • Comes with a pickaxe

  • May dull after frequent use
  • No momentum/ additional force because of lightweight

Final Words

In brief, I hope this Estwing Tomahawk review brought some value to you. Estwing is a great company that makes quality products that are affordable.

If you think this is right for you, then feel free to purchase it here on Amazon. 

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