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1800s meat preservation methods for off grid prepping

How was meat preserved in the 1800s? There were many ways from salting to smoking. In this article, you’ll learn how they

how to make pemmican

In this tutorial, I’m going to go over how to make pemmican in a survival situation. This is the best and easiest

survival food list

This list of food to stockpile for survival will cover all of the most important food for preppers. Storing food is now

Things to Know Before You Dehydrate Food

Dehydrating food is one of my favorite ways to conserve fruits and vegetables; I enjoy it very much. Also, f you’ve got

how to dehydrate apples in oven

In this article, I will teach you how to dehydrate apples in an oven. A while ago, I figured that if I

how long does canned food last
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