Food Products List

This is a list of best food storage products that help keep it interesting for preppers

The goal with this list is to help you find some unique and interesting foods that have moderate or better shelf life.


The products on this list allow you to make more interesting meals during times where you might tap into the food storage, or allow you to access certain items you wouldn’t normally be able to justify in a prepping situation, because of the enhanced shelf life values and ability to incorporate into meal planning. 

Not all products are great deals in these links because a lot of them are heavy and shipping/total costs are increased as a result.

All these products are available in other locations, generally, but they are not as easily found at times.

We will attempt to show whether the product is a good deal at the time of publication and during periodic updates to this page. 

All of these products have been bought and used by the author, many of them repeatedly, or in an ongoing fashion. If you think a certain product may be a good fit for you, we encourage you to read all the content on it, to ensure you know what it is that you are getting.

All mention of pricing is accurate at time of publishing or at time of last update on these items.

Dried Mushrooms for Food Storage

Why Dried Mushroom Mix:

  • A mix of mushrooms adds bulk (dehydrated mushrooms are light and reconstitute well), tons of flavor and important vitamins (Vitamin D, etc.)
  • Value for weight is high, because once a mushroom is cut, there is not a ton of time before a mushroom begins to deteriorate – therefore, dehydrated mushrooms help to improve the economics of the mushroom producers

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Vitamin D; umami flavors; important diversity is texture and seasoning profiles.

Alternatives to this Product:

Fresh mushrooms; canned mushrooms. But – an important note: dried mushrooms have by far the best flavor and texture if fresh mushrooms are not available. 

More Information about Dried Mushroom Mix:

This is actually a pretty solid deal for dried mushrooms and is close in pricing to retail locations, while offering gourmet/specialty varieties that some retail locations don’t carry.


You Can watch our YOUTUBE SHORT on this Prepper Pantry Product by clicking here.

Fermented Chili Paste for Food Storage

Why Chili Paste is a best food storage item:

  • Bang for buck for flavor
  • Extreme shelf life
  • Versatility in cuisine types
  • Ability to dial in heat easily, even if you want little to no heat, but just want added flavor
  • Can be left unrefrigerated (best practice is to refrigerate after opening)

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

BIG FLAVORS; easy to use in all types of cooking; can be used as a single seasoning for lots of dishes; relatively low sodium with good flavors; generally shelf stable; can contribute to positive gut bacteria.

Alternatives to this Product:

There is not a real alternative – except the non-garlic version (garlic version listed above, non garlic version listed here – both taste excellent).


More Information about Garlic Chili Paste:

This is about average (except the giant 8.5lb package, which is a very good price), and yes, you can find it for cheaper in the store locally – but it’s not a horrible price online at these links.

You can watch our YOUTUBE Video about Garlic Chili Paste by clicking here

Canned Clams for Food Storage

Why bulk canned clams are a best food storage item:

  • Great flavor for those who like seafood
  • simple preparation
  • long shelf life
  • diversity in protein

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Long shelf life; good protein source; easy use; large quantity for low costs.

Alternatives to this Product:

Other canned shellfish; fresh shellfish – but not for this price per pound/ounce.

More Information about Bulk Canned Clams:

This is an excellent deal at time of publishing at around $10 for 51 ounces in a can – which, if you have a freezer, or several big meals that you can use the clams for, is quite a value relative to other options.

You can watch our YOUTUBE Short about This best Prepper Pantry Product by clicking here

Pickled Beets for Food Storage

Why Pickled Beets are a best food storage item:

  • Good mix of vitamins
  • good diversity in flavors and texture
  • good for salads and fresh flavors
  • long shelf life

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Long shelf life; interesting flavors.

Alternatives to this Product:

Fresh beets, fermented by yourself.

More Information about Pickled Beets:

Pickled beets are generally expensive because beets aren’t as popular as other vegetables. This is about average for the quantity/packaging or maybe slightly higher.

Our YOUTUBE SHORTS Video about Pickled Beets as a best in class prepper food storage item is here

Calabrian Pepper Spread for Food Storage

Why Calabrian Pepper paste are a best food storage item:

  • Long Shelf life
  • distinctly Italian texture and nuance
  • complex flavor profiles
  • adds an interesting option for bland foods (cooked, raw, etc.)

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Offers distinctly Italian feel which helps to keep food interesting and diverse; Can be used for crackers, pasta, soups, compound butters, and other varied applications.

Alternatives to this Product:

Fresh ground Calabrian chili; other “cultural” chili based alternatives.

More Information about Calabrian Chili Pepper Paste:

This is a bit pricier online than in specialty stores (e.g. World Market, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts), but not so far off that it is crazy.

Peach Halves for Food Storage

Why Peach Halves are a best food storage item:

  • Exceptional Quality
  • no extra tastes, as you might get from a metallic tin/can
  • premium fruit look and texture
  • simple and easy to use
  • premium processing

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Superior quality (this glass container and fruit selection/brand).

Alternatives to this Product:

Your own freshly jarred peaches; lesser quality or metallic tinned peaches (significantly cheaper ounce for ounce, but lesser quality by a large margin).

More Information about Peach Halves:

These are quite expensive. They are also a less available brand commercially throughout the world and have a high level of quality in fruit, and in packaging/processing. They are a better quality product than metallic tinned products, and offer premium fruit selection and processing.

Sun Dried Tomatoes for Food Storage

Why Sun Dried Tomatoes are a best food storage item:

  • Good price per pound on this bulk package
  • long shelf life
  • tons of flavor out of each piece
  • high quality calories, and important acid components
  • easy to reconstitute

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Very good price per pound for this large package; extreme flavor for small amount of product; high quality calories; offers textural and acid components which can transform a variety if dishes to keep things interesting.

Alternatives to this Product:

Your own dehydrated/preserved tomatoes; smaller packages.

More Information about Sun Dried Tomatoes:

This is an almost comically large bag of sun dried/preserved tomatoes. It may even pose a problem with total shelf life upon opening, unless you split up the package properly and further preserve the tomatoes. The value is high relative to lower bulk packaging on or offline. The point remains: tomatoes, dehydrated are an excellent food storage item for dishes beyond just Italian cuisine.

Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

Why Oxygen Absorbers are a best food storage item:

  • Oxygen is the death to food
  • longer shelf life depends a lot on keeping oxygen and moisture out of preserved foods
  • cheap insurance for properly preserved foods that need to be on the shelf for longer periods of time

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

You want to extend shelf life of foods, regardless of whether you are already implementing best practices with regards to packaging, storage containers and rotation  – this is the stop-gap cheap insurance.

Alternatives to this Product:

There is no other alternative at this price point or without advanced tooling or understanding of manufacturing and preservation concepts at the scientific level.

More Information about Oxygen Absorbers:

This is such and easy way to add a year or two to dehydrated or similarly preserved foods (non-liquids). Exceptional price point.

Wide Mouth Quart Jars (Mason Jars) for Food Storage

Why Mason Jars are a best food storage item:

  • Glass doesn’t impart bad flavors or toxic chemicals, generally into foods they are relatively inert
  • glass makes it easy to see what’s inside at a glance
  • they can be pressure canned and preserve foods properly
  • long life if treated properly
  • very cheap (inflation is trying its best to make this untrue) relative to other options

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Mason jars are generally and widely considered to be the best in class solution for diverse cupboards and those who want a hybrid model of self produced food; bulk splitting of food or specialty food storage.

Alternatives to this Product:

Other mediums and storage items, but usually no other option is price effective with the added bonus of being inert from a flavor perspective.

More Information about Wide Mouth Mason Jars:

Winco and Ace Hardware (in the USA) usually have the best prices on Mason jars – even better than say, Wal-Mart, but your mileage may vary depending on location. Retail establishments are going to be a significantly better priced option because of the high cost of shipping delicate heavy glass jars. Period. Buy them in stores unless you cannot find them, and then use the above link – you’ll save money locally.

Salted Preserved anchovies for Food Storage

Why anchovy filets are a best food storage item:

  • Unbelievable impact on flavors, for little product consumption
  • instant umami
  • lasts forever in a fridge – and a long time on the shelf
  • major uses across many cuisines
  • it’s responsible for many of the hidden “addictive” flavors we find in boldly flavored foods

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

1 bottle will last many months or even years for a small household; many dishes can be flavored with 1 or even 1/2 a filet – even a bowl of ramen takes a 1/4 filet and you get a flavor bomb.

Alternatives to this Product:

None – but you might be surprised it tastes less fishy than you might think.

More Information about salted anchovy filets:

This is a slightly higher price than you will pay in a local store, and most local stores have some bargain basement version of these in stock. This is a SIGNIFICANTLY higher quality option, and uses better quality base sourcing worth the money over the $6 “cheap” version. you don’t know you LOVE this flavor til you try it – it’s not as fishy as you might think.

Canned Green Salsa for Food Storage

Why canned green salsa is a best food storage item:

  • Flavor diversity is important for morale when using food storage during a SHTF situation
  • mild to moderate spice, with good shelf life, and some water content
  • this can help to flavor and reconstitute other dish components
  • excellent flavor for the price
  • not so focused on flavor that it MUST be used only for Latin cuisine/Mexican cuisine

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

This is a good mid range salsa to help flavor rice, beans, meat, and use for marinating of meats, or topping for eggs, or other items.

Alternatives to this Product:

Plenty of options, not many at this price point with this quality and this shelf life.

More Information about canned green salsa:

EXTREME value relative to even in store pricing – stock up at $1/can; it usually casts nearly $2/can in local stores, or about $1.50 a can on sale. Yes, there are a lot of sauces and flavor components on this list – many of them are to combat the blandness of rice and beans, and other staples that are prevalent in food storage and prepping.

Hot Sauce for Food Storage

Why La Perrona Green Chiltepin hot sauce is a best food storage item:

  • Flavor diversity is important for morale when using food storage during a SHTF situation
  • mild to moderate spice, with good shelf life, and some water content
  • this can help to flavor and reconstitute other dish components
  • excellent flavor for the price
  • not so focused on flavor that it MUST be used only for Latin cuisine/Mexican cuisine

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Good heat – moderate to high heat level for mainstream users. Good flavor profile to move between several different cuisines, but really favors from Mexican food to American food to Creole, and wings. 

Alternatives to this Product:

It’s too nuanced and has a special flavor – but you can pick your hot sauce of choice, of course; This one is vinegar and tepin heavy.

More Information about this hot sauce:

This is still a boutique brand and variant, and it’s nuanced and flavorful with very good heat levels that can be dialed back by how much you use. It’s an expensive peer to mass produced hot sauces, but very tasty and well worth the money (similar to physical store prices), if you want a viengar and chili kick that’s actually different.

Oregano oil as a supplement for Food Storage

Why Oregano Oils as a health supplement is a best food storage item:

  • This is a HOT oil, that was once used as a sanitation product for scalpels for early surgeons tools
  • it can have a dramatic impact on killing bacteria and may be able to help stave off infection 
  • This is the easiest non-prescription way to combat potential bacteria – this is not a proven medical statement
  • this is a product that should be explored individually, but which has a lot of anecdotal evidence of viability
  • Great Barter Potential

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

This author has used it for localized infections, in absence of medical grade antibiotics, and for helping to lessen viral infection’s symptoms and the length of the course of the sickness.

Alternatives to this Product:

There are commercial antibiotic type alternatives, this is more of an immediate supplement which may prove helpful for sickness or infection in some cases.

More Information about the supplement Oregano Oil:

There is historical data to support the antibacterial properties of this hot oil, but you should research it further if you want to consider it. NOTE: this may also negatively affect your gut bacteria and microbiome, so use with that in mind.

Espresso Grind Packaged Coffee as a supplement for Food Storage

Why packaged espresso grind coffee is a best food storage item:

  • This is the best quality coffee you can buy in shelf stable packaging on a per ounce basis
  • Its also ground perfectly to allow for multiple preparations of coffee or for other uses
  • The cost per ounce is extremely good, but the price fluctuates wildly
  • it’s a good hybrid grind for general purpose use, and best for manual espresso making or simple presses/coffee tooling
  • Great Barter Potential

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

At the price point this is a best in class flavor profile and about the price of instant coffee, with robust flavor profile.

Alternatives to this Product:

There are tons of alternatives, but this is a best in class for the price point and the packaging is excellent for shelf stability.

More Information about Cafe La Llave packaged Espresso:

Sometimes you can buy this cheaper in store, and usually it’s excellent value on this link – but the price fluctuates wildly. At the time of publishing, it’s almost twice the price it was 2 weeks ago, and it is much more expensive than in the local grocery store. Usually, this link is a SIGNIFICANT VALUE.

Flower sack towels for Food Storage

Why Flower Sack Towels are a best food storage item:

  • Obviously a towel has little to do with food – but these towels are excellent in canning use cases, general homesteading and other kitchen and food prep circumstances
  • These may be the best kitchen towels money can buy, and they get progressively better over time with multiple washings
  • They will last multiple years if used intermittently, and last at least 9 months to a year in heavy heavy rotation

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

soft hand; excellent absorbency; easy to tell how dirty it is because of the white color; long lasting; tight weave after washing.

Alternatives to this Product:

Having tried 12+ types of general use kitchen towels, for a non-terrycloth towel, this is a best in class, and offer a lot of admirable features, including excellent overall size.

More Information about flower sack type towels:

These flour Sack Type Towels are excellent for any food related activities or kitchen needs, and are excellent for use as napkins or face cleaning and dish work. While these are admittedly a bit out of place in a food storage list, the variability of use cases and the quality means they make sense from a food prep perspective.

Radius Tooth Brush for Food Storage

Why Radius DDS Toothbrushes are a best food storage item:

  • Obviously a toothbrush has little to do with food – but these toothbrushes are so good, and there are so few places where you can extol the virtues of an excellent toothbrush in a prepper website – we need to keep our teeth healthy by brushing between meals – so while it’s a stretch, we will allow it

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

The bristles are so high quality they last for years (all dental professionals would recommend you change a toothbrush at least once a year at an absolute minimum, and usually 3x that); these cover more of the tooth per brushing motion.

Alternatives to this Product:

More brushing; longer brushing, but no real competitors from a tool perspective.

More Information about Radius Toothbrushes:

The huge head offers more cleaning power per brush stroke than any other tooth brush on the market. While this page is about food storage, this seems to be less of a stretch to include a toothbrush here, than to let you keep brushing your teeth with lesser toothbrushes. 

Magnesium Glycinate (as a food Supplement) for Food Storage

Why Magnesium Glycinate is a best food storage item:

  • Relieves Constipation
  • makes Charlie horses and aches and muscle strains go away
  • helps improve overall immune system response with viruses and bacterial sicknesses
  • Doesn’t cause diarrhea like other Magnesium Supplements
  • Excellent Barter Potential

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Can help regulate a lot of bodily functions and improve comfort and prevent constipation or muscle aches.

Alternatives to this Product:

None that have all the varied benefits together.

More Information about Magnesium Glycinate (Supplement):

We aren’t doctors, and we don’t try to act like doctors – but this is excellent for real world relief from body aches and muscle cramps, and constipation. Read up about the benefits of Magnesium as a supplement to see if other anecdotal evidence might help you. 

Dry Milk Powder for Food Storage

Why Dry Milk Powder a best food storage item:

  • Tastes better than other milk powders
  • can be used for coffee or stews or other milk preparations
  • offers fat in a shelf stable way
  • improves diversity of liquids

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Whole milk powder is more flavorful and offers better texture to food preparation after being reconstituted.

Alternatives to this Product:

Skim or low fat milk powder; fresh milk; other powders like goat milk powder (also included on this list).

More Information about Premium Dry Milk Powders:

Whole milk powders have more fat content, and will not be as shelf stable from a longevity perspective. Generally, the higher the fat, the quicker the potential for rancidity, even in dehydrated products. That said, a proper rotation will be helpful in minimizing this issue. This is a premium product and pricing will be skewing high, but relative to other variants it’s likely to be a good value if you are a heavy milk drinker. Additionally, this is not a super easy to find product on retail shelves, so if you cannot stomach lower fat milk powders, this is the one.

Sunflower Seed Butter for Food Storage

Why Sunflower Seed Butter is a best food storage item:

  • No nut allergens
  • long shelf life
  • excellent 1:1 replacement for Peanut Butter
  • Kid Friendly
  • Nutrient dense
  • Good shelf stable higher fat food

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Nut allergies be damned; nutrient heavy; easier to use across multiple cuisines or for multiple preparations than most nut butters (just about as versatile as Peanut Butter).

Alternatives to this Product:

Other nut butters or seed butters.

More Information about Sunflower Seed butter:

This stuff is expensive, but generally lower than specialty nut butters for a similar experience. It is going to be more expensive than PB, but it is also nut allergen free. You can find it in stores in smaller batches for a bit more than bulk pricing, but for larger sizes online is generally in line with or better than retail pricing. NOTE: this is 10 lbs. of nut butter alternative that tastes great for $45 at time of publishing.

Tinned Octopus (Pulpo) for Food Storage

Why Canned Octupus is a best food storage item:

  • Tender – much more so than fresh preparations
  • very good protein for versatility between cuisines
  • easy to eat right out of the can
  • good flavor, texture, nutrient mix and protein
  • very long shelf life
  • ready to eat or can be used in other prepared foods
  • a best in class protein source for canned seafood, if you want something other than mushy cooked seafood

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Exceptional texture and versatility for a preserved protein option; easy to use as an open palate for flavorings across multiple Cuisine (Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.); Extremely long shelf life – you will use it up far sooner though, as it’s delicious in just about anything, or by itself.

Alternatives to this Product:

Calamari in a tin is sort of close, but not really as easy to work with or as good on texture; fresh octopus is a coastal option; frozen octopus – but it’s way harder to prepare in general.

More Information about Tinned Octopus:

There are some interesting things happening with tinned Octopus in the last few years – including extreme price upticks and difficulty in sourcing. As a result the price has been more than 4x what it has been historically. From the perspective of versatility and quality of a canned seafood, this price increases included, Octopus still represents decent value. You can find better “value” in cheaper retail-available tins of Octopus. This is still a premium or mid level +, brand. Super premium options are going to be AT LEAST 2x of this per-can price, for minimal upside (except in company philosophy, etc.).

Canned Corned Beef for Food Storage

Why Canned Corned Beef is a best food storage item:

  • Good flavor
  • long tradition of being a prepper pantry staple
  • good protein levels
  • good versatility that cna be used for soups, fried, or used in other preparations
  • can be used in varied cuisines
  • very long shelf life
  • top quality tins are generally used with canned meats because they must be able to get to high temps to cooked in the can

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

The preparation offers great seasoning as a “by-product” and the high fat content offers good flavor that doesn’t start to go rancid until oxygen gets introduced, so the shelf life, texture and flavors are excellent. 

Alternatives to this Product:

Other brands; other canned beef products; fresh or frozen meats.

More Information about Tinned Corned Beef:

Corned Beef is a staple for preppers. Beef is a big business in places like Brazil and Argentina and Australia (the USA as well), and some of the economies of scale can yield decent value on preparations from places like that. This is a decent per ounce price, and about in line with retail store pricing, but this is definitely not an online only purchase to stock up on canned protein. This happens to be a pretty tasty version, with heavy duty cans, and a good reputation – hence the inclusion on the list, but you can find good options in most grocery stores locally for at the same or lower price points, generally.

Duck Fat for Food Storage

Why Rendered Duck Fat is a best food storage item:

  • Exceptional flavor
  • unbelievably long shelf life for a natural oil
  • helps make things super crispy
  • while it’s expensive, it can be used effectively at a value if you know how to (confit, or as a reused/strained oil for fries, for instance)

Benefits/Attributes & Important Notes:

Distinct flavor profile; strong shelf life; helps add crispness better than many oils.

Alternatives to this Product:

Other oils – though duck fat has one of the longest shelf lives of any fat and it is natural without a lot of drawbacks and is not artificially hydrogenated or any of that. 

More Information about Rendered Duck Fat:

Duck fat is expensive. Outside of France or certain Asian Markets, anyway. The consumption of commercial duck is just not as widespread in most places outside of those areas, and that makes it pretty expensive. Duck fat is basically indefinitely shelf stable if properly prepared and used, also. It’s a good value if you know how to use it, even if it is expensive. But if you have a keto lifestyle, or want to add to your versatility for shelf stable fats, this is a very cool product to try and see if you like it. It makes unbelievably good fried foods, like potatoes. 

Most Unique Food Storage items for Prepper Pantries – Keep up with changes on this list!

This Product list for the Best Food Storage Products to keep your food storage varied, unique and interesting is a fluid list that will be monitored and added to often. Please check back to the end of this list to see periodic (or even more frequent changes).