Fred Burst

fred burst contributor

Hello, welcome to Defiel, I am Fred Burst, and I am a proud contributor at Defiel. I enjoy talking about everything from guns to trekking the woods and other survival tips and tricks. That’s why I joined Defiel in their wonderful blog and quest to inform others on survival tactics and tips.

I decided to join Defiel because I love talking and writing about the outdoors and the many ways to avoid the dangers of it. My goal is to assist others in ways of survival.

You want to listen to Defiel and its many writers because we write to help you and to answer any question you might have. Although at this moment I am not as experienced in true survival in nature, I seek to grow my knowledge and skill and pass them onto you. 

I currently reside in the United States. I am a gun enthusiast and love hiking in the forest I live next to. I joined Defiel because I really enjoy the outdoors. 

I started becoming interested in survival and other outdoor specified gadgets around the mid-2000s. I had decided to start going outside more and pushing my limits. Soon after, I really started to really enjoy and learn about survival in the wilderness. 

I hope to share my skill and knowledge with the rest of you all!