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If you have arrived at this point, you are in for a treat because no other survival and prepper site does this.

Without further ado, let’s cover the 100+ free survival ebooks!


Archive of 95 of the Great SHTF PDFs

Military, Combat & Tactical

U.S. Army Survival Field Manuals

Special Forces Manuals

First Aid

Self Defense and Hand to Hand Combat

Military Trades and Skills

Other Military and Law Enforcement

Wilderness Survival 

Snaring and Hunting

General Wilderness Survival Guides


Food & Storage

Food Storage

Food Preservation

Survival Recipes

Other Skills



  • Ultimate Survival Skills
  • How to Handle a Crisis 
  • FEMA Emergency Supplies Checklist – All Americans should have some basic supplies on hand in order to survive for at least three days if an emergency occurs. Following is a listing of some basic items that every emergency supply kit should include.
  • FEMA Family Supply List – Water, food, and clean air are important things to have if an emergency happens. Each family or individual’s kit should be customized to meet specific needs, such as medications and infant formula. It should also be customized to include important family documents.
  • 3 Day’s Emergency Prep’s – PDF
  • Nuclear War Survival Skills – Excellent book describing the means by which to prepare for a nuclear war – especially with expedient and low cost methods.
  • The Family Fallout Shelter MP-15 – PDF This is a digitized copy of the old (1959) civil defense book that showcases several fallout shelter types along with information on proper ventilation, supplies needed, and fallout wind patterns. This is a very old “classic” document that still holds some value today.
  • FEMA – Protection In The Nuclear Age Government sponsored book that came out many years ago on the topic of surviving a nuclear war. Provides lots of information on fallout and the inherent dangers of nuclear weapons.
  • SODIS – Safe Water School Training Manual – PDF This download provides excellent educational material on all things making sure water is safe to drink.
  • Water Treatment

Final Words

These free survival e-books contain a wealth of knowledge that can be extremely valuable in emergency situations, whether natural disasters or man-made conflicts.

They cover an array of topics from bushcraft to food storage and preservation, hand-to-hand combat techniques taught by military professionals such as the SAS and U.S Special Forces, and wilderness survival skills like hunting with snares & deadfalls.

Moreover, they include guides on important practical skills like soap-making and wood-burning. Some books encompass comprehensive survival strategies, such as ‘How to Handle a Crisis’ or ‘Nuclear War Survival Skills’, which provide in-depth knowledge about facing the aftermath of serious disasters.

You can use this information by familiarizing yourself with these materials in non-emergency times. The more knowledge you acquire now, the better prepared and self-reliant you will be during an emergency or crisis situation. It’s always a great idea to have important documents printed and stored safely as well as keep digital versions on your device.

Remember, survival is more than just having the right tools or supplies. It’s also about being prepared mentally and physically, which these books will help you achieve. Seek to understand various elements covered in each e-book thoroughly; this could be mastering self-sustaining practices such as farming and hunting techniques or understanding rudimentary first aid procedures.

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