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how to build an underground bunker
how long does wd40 last

So, you’ve got yourself some WD40 stored in your house, and you’re wondering – how long does WD40 last? That’s precisely what

how much kerosene to mix with diesel

So, you’re wondering how much Kerosene to mix with Diesel. In this article, you’ll learn how much Kerosene to integrate in depending

killing mice with toothpaste

So, you have a mice problem in your house and you’re wondering what your options are to kill them all. So, you

bison pump vs simple pump

So, you’re thinking about building a well for your home and you’re not sure which pump is the best for you. Two

will a little gas hurt a diesel engine

So, you’ve accidentally put a little gas into your diesel engine, or maybe you’re just wondering, ‘will a little gas hurt a

peanut butter

Mice are pests that can ruin your home, so it’s best to catch them before they do any further damage. So, you

With winter coming around, people often leave their furnaces on all day to heat their homes. In some cases, this can be

fire survival damage house wildfire

Fire is one of those things you hope you’ll never have to deal with in your lifetime.  Still, isn’t it much better

survival food for cats

Here’s the deal; There are many options when feeding cats in a survival setting. The supplies and price can be reasonably cheap

can generators get wet

So, you live in rainy weather, or maybe you’ve accidentally sprayed your generator with your hose. You’re thinking to yourself – ‘can

do onions kill rats

Rats can be annoying – they eat a lot, contaminate things with urine and feces, and even spread disease. The worse part

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