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morse code sos light

In this quick guide, I will describe to you exactly how to signal morse code SOS lights with no prior experience. First

how to dig a well yourself

Are you tired of relying on a municipal water supply or paying for expensive bottled water? Learn how to take control of your

how to hollow out a log for a planter

How to hollow out a log for a planter? First off, why should you have a log as a planter? I have

how to whittle a spoon simple step-by-step easy guide

So, you’re bored at home and you want to make something useful to feel accomplished. Well, you’re in for a treat because

Survival Uses For Floss You Never Could've Guessed

If you’re in an emergency situation and you happen to have floss in your pockets or near you, then you’re in luck.

19 Surprising Survival Uses For Paper Clips To Know Now

The amount of survival uses for paperclips will surprise you, it can be used as compass, a screwdriver, a lockpick and many

easy self defense tips for females

Being a female means, you’re often the primary victim of sexual assault and other atrocious crimes. So, you might ask yourself, what

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