How to Build a Spare Parts Kit for Your Guns [Ultimate Guide]

Do you want to be ready for any problems with gun maintenance? Learn how to assemble a complete spare parts kit for your guns to be prepared for anything!

A fantastic approach to ensure that your firearms are prepared for use at a moment’s notice is to keep gun parts kits on hand. When a gun breaks or malfunctions, a replacement part is frequently more cost-effective and efficient than returning the entire weapon to the maker.

A spare parts pack is a crucial tool for any gun enthusiast, and should you ever need to repair or maintain your guns, it will save you a ton of time and money.

This guide will discuss what a spare parts kit is, what parts you should include in it, and how to assemble it. 

What is a Spare Parts Kit?

An variety of replacement parts that can be used to fix or maintain a firearm makes up a spare parts kit. These kits often come with extra firing pins, springs, and other tiny parts that could break or deteriorate with time. 

Depending on the manufacture and type of the gun, several parts may be included in a kit.

For gun owners who wish to be ready for any problems that might arise with their firearms, a build kit might be helpful.

For instance, a gun’s magazine recoil spring may not work properly if it is weak or damaged. With a spare spring, the gun owner can easily replace the damaged component and restore the weapon’s functionality.

Some kits may contain repair tools and instructions in addition to spare parts for the gun. This can be especially useful for people who have never owned a gun or who might not be familiar with maintaining firearms.

In order to ensure proper functioning and safety when making repairs to a gun, it’s critical to utilize the necessary parts and closely adhere to the instructions.

You can buy a gun kit directly from the manufacturer or from a vendor of firearms. In order to ensure proper functioning and safety, it’s crucial to utilize the necessary parts for your specific gun.

Without the right information and expertise, repairing a pistol with the incorrect parts can be dangerous and even deadly.

How to Build a Spare Parts Kit for Your Guns

It is essential to take your firearms’ type and maker into account while putting together your spare parts kit.

It is essential to have the precise parts for your particular guns because different firearms can need different parts. Any spare parts kit should have the following parts:

Firing Pin

This small part of a gun called the firing pin ignites the powder by striking the cartridge’s primer.

It is a tiny metal rod that is usually made of hardened steel and is positioned in the gun’s breech. It’s critical to swap out your firing pin as soon as possible if it breaks.

Extractor and Ejector

The extractor, a tiny part, is in charge of clearing spent cartridges out of the gun’s chamber.

It is normally found on the gun’s bolt and pulls the cartridge out of the chamber as the bolt retracts by grasping the rim.

Over time, extractors may deteriorate or wear out, leading to problems with the gun. The gun may not be able to eject spent cartridges or may have trouble chambering fresh rounds if the extractor is not operating properly.


gun springs

Small metal coils called springs are used to exert force in a specific direction. They are utilized in numerous firearm components, such as the magazine, trigger, and hammer.

Over time, springs may deteriorate or become damaged, which may result in a malfunction of the firearm. A spring may not be able to supply the required force to operate the cannon if it becomes frayed or broken.

If you have extra springs available, you may easily swap out a broken or worn-out spring and get the gun back in working order.


Sights are an essential component of any firearm, and it is important to include spare sights in your kit. Sights are used to help aim the gun, and they can be adjusted for windage and elevation. 

It’s crucial to have extras for both optical and iron sights, which are what the majority of firearms will have.

Trigger Parts

Gun trigger parts are the pieces of a firearm that release the hammer or striker and cause the gun to fire.

A trigger, trigger guard, disconnector, and trigger return spring are often included. It’s crucial to include extra parts for each of these parts in your kit because they will all become worn out over time.

Safety Parts

Safety parts are components of a firearm that are designed to prevent accidental discharge. They typically include a safety lever, safety catch, and safety selector. 

Magazine Parts

Magazine parts are components of the lower parts of the gun that are responsible for holding and feeding ammunition into the gun. They typically include a magazine follower, magazine spring, and magazine baseplate. 


Grips are components of a firearm that are used to provide a comfortable and secure grip on the lower part of the gun. They typically include a pistol grip, forend grip, and thumb rest. This is essential to any AK parts kit.


Barrels are components of a firearm that are responsible for containing and directing the bullet as it is fired. 

It is important to include spare barrels in your kit, as they can all wear out over time.


O-rings are tiny rubber rings that are used to seal the barrel and the magazine, among other components of the firearm.

They are made to stop leaks and maintain the right amount of pressure inside the gun. Over time, O-rings may experience wear and tear or damage that can result in leakage or other issues.

If you have extra O-rings on hand, you can swiftly swap out a worn or damaged one to keep the gun running properly.

Cleaning Supplies

gun cleaning parts

Cleaning supplies are an essential accessory to any gun enthusiast’s arsenal. They include cleaning rods, patches, bore brushes, and cleaning solutions. 

It is important to include these in your spare parts kit, as they can help to keep your guns in top condition and prevent malfunctions.

Final Words

A wonderful approach to ensure that your firearms are always ready to use is to keep a spare parts kit on hand. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, it can also help you save a lot of time and money.

To ensure optimum functioning and safety, it is essential to use the necessary parts for your specific rifle. For a list of suggested spare parts for your particular gun, see the owner’s manual or the manufacturer.

We’ve covered what a spare parts kit is, what components to put in it, and how to put one together in this guide.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you now have a better understanding of how to build a spare parts kit for your guns.

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