How to Survive Without Electricity (Complete Guide)

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In this article, you will learn how to survive without electricity.

Almost everything in today’s world is done with electricity. We use it without thinking since it has become such a continuous and vital part of our life.

There are several extreme weather events that could knock off power for a short period of time, including severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, deep winter snow, and ice storms.

Whether it’s a full-fledged EMP, solar flare, a natural disaster, or a simple blackout that lasts for days, you’ll have to live without electricity sooner or later, so you might as well learn how to survive without it! The off-grid lifestyle is defined as living without access to electricity.

Let’s dig in.

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The majority of city-provided water, as well as the majority of water wells, rely on energy to pump water. You can access this with a sillcock key, which you can learn more about in our article about Sillcock Keys and Everything You Need to Know.

You’ll need to discover a nearby supply of fresh water, devise a plan to retrieve water from your well using a hand pump, stockpile large amounts of water, or relocate closer to a fresh water source.

If you live in the country, you might have a spring or a well on your property or in your neighborhood that can be used as an emergency water source. Another good resource you may want to read is how to dig a well yourself.

If these two are not an option, than rainwater harvesting is an option, with proper filtration methods such as boiling and a 2 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water as recommended by the DHHS or a Lifestraw filter. Just be sure to check your state laws before collecting rainwater.


Firstly, if your power does go out, fire up the grill! You can barbeque or boil water for all the freeze dried items you have in your prepper’s pantry if you have wood and charcoal. There are many cooking stoves that only require propane, charcoal, and wood.

I would also highly recommend you make a garden, even if it’s just a few vegetables in 5-gallon buckets. But, if you have the space, definetely start a garden with this article on Gardening For Preppers (The Mega Guide). Also learn survival foods you that last a really long time.

Temperature Regulation


You can utilize a fireplace to warm up the room on those cold winter nights. Although not as energy efficient as other ways, placing the fireplace in the center of the house and installing vents to allow the heat to circulate throughout the various areas of the house is a decent plan.

A built-in floor vent near the exterior walls of each room can be used to return cool air to the fireplace.

Your rooms will stay warm and comfy as a result of the convection process. You can also install extra insulation to your walls to keep as much heat as possible from escaping.


Generally cooling shouldn’t be a large concern, because your shelter should protect you from most weather, but the options are generally limited. If you had the goodwill to not get struck by an EMP, solar flare, or anything of that nature, which is unlikely, then solar fan is your go-to.

Of course, you should also pull down your blinds, wear light clothes, cooking outdoors, leaving windows open, and damping curtains to keep your home as cool as possible.


citizen band radio with microphone and frequencies

You may still be able to use landlines without electricity if the phone lines, which use a different technology, are unaffected. It may still function if mobile towers aren’t down and you have a solar-powered phone charger.

You could utilize a Citizens Band radio for short-range communication. These usually come in pairs, are inexpensive, and require six to eight AA batteries. They’re useful for short distances when traveling or while separated from family or friends, but not for lengthy lengths.


Your television, stereo, and other entertainment equipment are among the items you may find difficult to live without. Learn to play an instrument, learn to carve wood, play cards, play a board game, and read a little more.

Consider what talents you could learn that interest you and would be amusing as well as useful in a survival situation or if the power goes out.

In Conclusion

After reading all of this, living without power may no longer seem so frightening. Indeed, the prospect of life without power may now be alluring.

Living without electricity can range from primitive to luxury, depending on your resources and the effort you want to put in.

It would harken back to a simpler, less busy, and less convoluted period. So, whether you choose to live without standard electricity on purpose or are forced to do so after the SHTF, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and anticipate any problems so you don’t get caught off guard. Keep prepping!

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