Killing Mice With Toothpaste [What You Need to Know]

So, you have a mice problem in your house and you’re wondering what your options are to kill them all. So, you have plenty of options in your house that may potentially be toxic to mice – one of them being toothpaste.

So, is killing mice with toothpaste a good idea?

Killing mice with toothpaste is possible. Toothpaste contains a high amount of fluoride, so if a mouse eats around what you use to brush your teeth, it should die. There are various methods to kill a mouse with toothpaste.

Let’s dive into more detail.

Toothpaste can kill mice and it can be used as bait and poison simultaneously which makes it an amazing option. A mouse will like the smell of toothpaste, but it may not be attracted to its taste of it.

The high amounts of fluoride and ethylene glycol make it unpleasant to them – animals are naturally adapted to detect most poisons. 

So, you can coat it with crushed peanuts and make small balls of it. Coat these balls with toothpaste.

When you’re finished coating these balls with toothpaste, they should be 0.75 inches or so. Mice love the taste of peanuts, so this will ensure they eat the entire ball.

Here’s a video tutorial:

Risks in Using Toothpaste

Having toothpaste lying around your house isn’t the best option – something as large as 10mg can produce symptoms for your dog or baby and 50mg and above can be potentially fatal.

You can mitigate this risk by using bait stations. These are boxes that have tiny doors for mice to come in, thus reducing the probability that a child or pet eats a high quantity of toothpaste.

Alternatives to Toothpaste

There are dozens are great options other than toothpaste that require much less quantity to kill them, are more lethal, and are even better bait.

These options include crackers and liquid poison. If you are going to use these options, you’ll definitely want to use a bait station to mitigate risks of accidental consumption.

Rat Poison Cake

I personally use Just One Bite, as it’s the most effective. This option below works best for killing rats fast.

  • 3D leafy camo
  • Widely used by many hunters
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Rat Poison Liquid

Another great option is to use a rat poison liquid that you can infuse with a food they like. Rats like things like peanut butter, cheese, breed, and cookies.

How to Prevent Future Rats

Now you know how to kill your rats. You’ll want to learn how to prevent future rats from repopulating now.  Here are a few methods:

Final Words

So, is killing mice with toothpaste a good idea? Killing mice with toothpaste is possible but difficult to do since it requires them to consume an abnormally large amount of it.

You can increase the chances of them eating a lot of toothpaste by coating crushed peanuts with toothpaste.

There are also some options you can consider, like killing rats with antifreeze and even killing rats with onions.

Hopefully you’ll fix your rat problem ASAP and happy prepping!

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