Krav Maga Techniques List (8 Moves You Need to Know)

I have always wondered how I would react if faced with a dangerous attacker on the street. Thankfully, I am a black belt in Krav Maga and can defend myself if attacked. 

In this article, I will uncover 8 Krav Maga techniques you must know for self-defense. 

This article will cover Krav Maga, a proven combative art used to take down your attacker quickly. You achieve this by serving the best offensive and defensive maneuvers.

By the end of this article, I promise that you will have a better understanding of self-defense using Krav Maga techniques. 

Krav Maga is a unique, practical hand-to-hand combat system with several different kinds of kicks, knees, punches, elbows, and much more that you can learn quickly and easily.

Krav Maga was developed as a military fighting system by Israel Defense Forces and Israeli Security Forces in the late 1940s, but today it is used by many worldwide.

Now, you don’t need to learn everything about Krav Maga because knowing the basics would help you immensely with self-defense.

This is a good thing because being able to protect yourself is a confidence booster. Self-defense training also brings other benefits, such as improved balance, agility, and reflexes.

Krav Maga uses the most robust self-defense techniques like the headbutt, groin strike, eye gouges, and throat strikes.

Imi Lichtenfeld is the originator of Krav Maga, and he was a top contributor to the Nazi resistance – so this guy knows what he’s doing.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into these Krav Maga techniques.

How Does Krav Maga Work?

krav maga techniques

Krav Maga is, without a doubt, the deadliest hand-to-hand combat technique in the world. Krav Maga training includes many combat and self-defense principles, also discussed in detail in this Krav Maga beginner’s guide

The practice combines the most lethal techniques in Jiu- Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and Karate. However, in Krav Maga, these techniques are amplified to become deadlier.

With Krav maga, you can learn self-defense in days. But, you will have to practice regularly

If you have just started learning about self-defense and want to start from the beginning, here is an article for essential self-defense tips.

8 Krav Maga Moves for Self-Defense

Krav Maga is a mix of agile movements for defense and offense, hitting the attacker’s pressure points and soft tissues for maximum damage.

During the attack, some of the weakest points in the body to aim for include the eyes, neck, throat, solar plexus (abdomen), groin, ribs, knee, foot, fingers, and liver. 

Most of what I am about to show here are lethal Krav Maga techniques for the most efficient takedown.

Let’s dive into this Krav Maga techniques list.

1. The Horizontal Elbow Strike Krav Maga Technique

The horizontal elbow strike is a potentially lethal but extremely beginner-friendly technique

The strike has the potential to be powerful enough to knock out your attacker successfully.

This requires greater risk because you must be closer to your attacker to deliver the elbow correctly.

How a New Krav Maga Practitioner Should Do The Horizontal Elbow Strike

In the horizontal elbow strike, your arms swing parallel to the floor.

If you aim to club someone, you will strike with your forearm. On the other hand, you will execute the strike with your elbow’s tip if you intend to hit the bone.

While delivering this attack, you should mobilize your hips and feet to add power to your strike. 

For example, when elbowing with your right arm, you can tilt your hips to the right side and raise your right foot when hitting your attacker.

Another thing to remember is that while delivering this attack, you will be close to your attacker. So to avoid getting tackled or hurt, remember to keep your other hand up to move away quickly. 

Tip: I find that tucking my elbowing hand close to my chest makes my attack stronger.

2. Front (Straight) Knee Strike Krav Maga Technique

This Knee Strike is a potentially lethal but also risky attack. It is deadly because of its potential to cause damage and risky because you have to be closer to your attacker to deliver it.

How a Beginner Should Do the Front (Straight) Knee Strike

In the Front Knee Strike, you have to stand in the guard stance (covered in the Krav Maga beginner’s guide), where your hands cover your head, and one foot is slightly behind the other.

From here, you will have to drive your knee up until you hit the attacker. Afterward, return to your original stance as quickly as possible to regain your balance and position.

Tip: I recommend that you aim for the head, ribs, neck, or solar plexus for maximum impact. 

3. The Reverse Scissor Sweep Krav Maga Technique

This technique is for Krav Maga technique experts because it will injure you if executed incorrectly. 

So if you’re a beginner, practice the beginner-friendly techniques first to increase mobility and strength before trying this one out. 

How a New Krav Maga Practitioner Can Do The Reverse Scissor  Sweep

You have to be positioned in front of your attacker to make this attack. 

To execute the technique, use your knee to tackle your attacker’s leg while pushing them to the ground. 

As mentioned before, if you lack agility, you might hurt yourself, so use this technique with extreme caution

Tip: Lean into the attack and use your body’s movement to tackle the attacker to the ground. 

4. Eye Strike Krav Maga Technique

The eye strike technique is more challenging than you think.

This move can be lethal, but when you and your attacker are moving back and forth at high speeds, trying to dodge each other’s attacks, the actual likelihood of making contact with the eye is low. 

How I Would Execute the Eye Strike

To do the eye strike Krav Maga technique, you first have to tuck your thumb in. Your fingers must be together. 

When delivering the attack, you begin by tucking your hands near your chin. Then, to attack, you extend your hand outward with your thumbs sticking out and your fingers spread out. 

It would be best to aim for the eyes when delivering this technique. 

Tip: Don’t forget to tuck your hands under your chin. This helps you aim better for the eyes.

5. Groin Kick Krav Maga Technique

groin kick krav maga technique

In my opinion, this is one of the best Krav Maga moves.

According to the FBI, you are most likely to get attacked by a man, so attacking one of the weakest places will help you in self-defense.

Groin kick is potentially lethal because it can paralyze your attacker. Once they are immobilized, even if momentarily, you can make your next move, ask for help, or simply remove yourself from the dangerous situation. 

How A Beginner Should Do the Groin Kick

It is essential to be in close contact with your attacker and perhaps distract the attacker with an elbow strike. Once distracted, you can kick with your shin. 

This technique will paralyze the attacker. This attack works best when you are near your attacker.

6. Palm Heel Strike Krav Maga Technique

palm heel strike krav maga techniques

This technique can be lethal because you could potentially snap their neck and cause permanent paralysis. 

How Beginners Krav Maga Practitioners  Can Do The Palm Heel Strike

To execute the palm heel strike, you will move your arm in an upward arc and aim for the nose or chin. 

Therefore, you will only be attacking with the bottom of your hands when executing this attack.

7. Stomp Kick Krav Maga Technique

stomp kick krav maga technique

This is not a lethal attack and is helpful when trying to keep your distance from your attacker. 

How Starter Krav Maga Martial Artists Should Do The Stomp Kick

This technique is the best defense against knife attacks and helps you make a move from afar. This is also one of the most effortless kicks and can be performed by beginners. 


The kick involves extending your legs and using your body weight to shove the person in the opposite direction.

When executing this attack, you can hit anywhere on the chest to make the attacker lose their balance. 

Tip: Aim for the abdomen for more lethal damage and impact.

8. Throat Strike (Chisel First Variant) Krav Maga Technique

This technique is lethal and can suffocate your attacker if you hit the right area. 

How to Defend Yourself Using The Throat Strike

When executing this attack, you must form a proper fist, with the thumb tucking in and your fingers together. 

Make a fist and aim for your attacker’s throat. This works well on the side and front of the throat.

The impact will momentarily disarm them, giving you enough time to execute your next move. 

Bonus Krav Maga Technique: The Bear Hug Escape

The bear hug is a standard move when someone behind you grabs you and forcefully pins your arms to your body’s side. 

Luckily the bear hug escape is a handy Krav Maga self-defense technique for this.

How a Krav Maga New Comer Should Do The Bear Hug Escape

To get out of the bear hug hold, the first thing you can do is to make it difficult for your attacker to hold you. So, to execute your escape, mimic a “fast squat” while your attacker carries you.

If that doesn’t get you out of the bear hug, you want to swing your legs right and left until your hands can reach your attacker’s groin, and you can punch or do a palm strike.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you learned 8 Krav Maga self-defense martial arts techniques. 

While I hope you never have to use these Krav Maga self-defense tactics, these are good to learn and practice for confidence and agility. 

If you enjoyed this, you could learn more about Krav Maga here

If you want to learn everything about Krav Maga techniques, this book helped me a lot. 

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