Tips to Develop a Mentality for Survivalism

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A survival mentality is essential for survivalism. But what does that really mean?

It is being able to be set out in the wilderness and be prepared for whatever this world throws at you. It is the ability to adapt to new environments without worry that you may die.

To be able to adapt you need many things such as an increase in fitness and the right tools to survive. There is a word to describe this – survivability, which is the ability to remain alive no matter what gets thrown at you.

Let’s dive right in.

1. The Ability to Adapt Well


For millions of years, this has been passed down to us and is the survival of the fittest after all. The better you can adapt, the higher chance you have at survival.

This can be interpreted as being flexible. Situations can change in a snap, and you need to know exactly what to do fast all the time.

2. A Tough Mind & Body

To stay in top shape, we must keep our minds and bodies extra active. This will mean you must exercise on a regular basis to become physically fit. This will help with survival immensely because you will then be able to move more freely.

This may also help with surviving a natural disaster and even a virus! We must also keep our minds in top-notch shape to be able to make logical decisions as fast as possible, even in the most unlikely of situations.

Most survivalists and preppers alike already do this, so if you’re not, you have to get on top of your game.

3. The Ability to Control Yourself

I know this may sound silly to some, but hear me out. Every true survivalist and prepper needs to be able to control their emotions and their physical actions.

I don’t mean to say that you have a to a cold slab of stone, but instead, not overreacting to a situation that already happened, or in a situation where you must solve a problem you panic and weep instead of solving the problem.

You must always remain calm as the first rule of thumb. No matter what happens, under any circumstances, you must remain calm. You should try to rid fear, agitation, and anger from what you should feel.

You should always try to make rational decisions in a timely manner and act accordingly instead of going through useless emotions that will get you nowhere.

4. The Ability to Think Critically

When out in the wilderness, there is almost never a problem. You will always have to face a problem and the answer may not come to you immediately. Critical thinking is the ability to problem solve rationally and clearly.

With this mindset and with practice by continually learning new survival skills, you should be able to problem solve almost anything in the wilderness faster than you could before.

5. Establishing Faith & Optimism

faith and optimism

Faith and optimism work well together. It doesn’t matter if you tie faith with optimism, your mindset and your ability to do tasks will be much better if you just think more positively and have hope that you know what is right for you.

Faith and optimism are sometimes the only things that makes a person keep going and trying. Some may pray and others may think of loved ones, it just has to be something you can’t live without.

6. The Ability to Persist

Having the guts and the willpower to persist, even when things are hard, is definitely what gets a lot of people out of nasty situations.

You have to have the willpower to live. You must be able to persist through whatever the world throws at you. Persisting ties into faith and optimism discussed above.

7. Establishing Resourcefulness

Let’s get something straight first. You can’t just become resourceful overnight. This should take years of consistent learning that you can do right on this site.

Things that make you resourceful are the ability to answer things like how do I overcome this challenge, how do I leverage the environment I  am in, where I can get food, water, shelter, and various other questions you must be able to answer and take action on.

8. The Ability to Learn

You have probably been told this many times and I can’t stress this enough – just do it. If you have extra time on your hands, one of the best things you can do is learn.

Learning will give you a better perspective of the world. This will also give you an open mind and will help with the adaptability discussed above. You must be able to absorb information and incorporate it with your other facts to survive in the wild.

One of the best ways to learn is to read and you can get over 100 free survival ebooks when you subscribe.

9. You Understand Realism

Being able to understand that this world doesn’t let everything happen perfectly is great knowledge to have. Not everything is fair and not everything is right, so you should do something about it.

For example, the chances of total collapse are pretty high, so you should start prepping. You must understand how to solve problems you may encounter, whether it may be a home burglary in the city or getting bit by a snake in the woods. 

10. The Ability to be Organized

When it comes to prepping or survival, the organization part is crucial. You have to balance your time and get things done. For example, I know a lot of people who buy and never learn or do. They should really start doing that.

Being organized can, in most situations, keep you safer and better informed. Knowing exactly what items and you have and what they are is essential. Some even say minimalism or only having the essentials is a part of organization, and I would agree with that. 


In this article, you learned what is ability to survive and I hope you have grasped the general idea of it. I hope you develop all these traits if you haven’t already and know them well.

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