12 Non-Lethal But Very Effective Weapons For Home Security

The best defense is a good offense. When it comes to home security, it’s important to have an arsenal of weapons that will discourage intruders. Here are twelve non-lethal but very effective weapons that can be used in the event of a home invasion:

Pepper spray is an excellent way to fend off an attacker up close or at more than arm’s length. You can also use pepper spray on your windows and doors as a deterrent against would-be burglars. Just make sure you keep it within reach at all times. Also, avoid touching your eyes after using pepper spray.

2) Stun Gun

The stun gun is a great alternative to comply with your state’s restrictions on pepper spray. It also has the advantage of allowing you to maintain a safe distance from an attacker while fending off an attack. It’s best to carry it in your hand or on your wrist so that you can easily access it when needed.

3) Taser/Stun Baton

Taser guns are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want a non-lethal but effective way of fending off intruders. The Taser guns are safe as long as they’re used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Test your Taser on a non-living object before using it on a person.

4) Dogs

aggressive dog breeds to fight off home intruder

Dogs can be very effective guardians against intruders. Many intruders won’t even think of attempting to enter a home if they know there is a guard dog inside. A watchdog, such as the German shepherd, is particularly effective because of its intimidating size and demeanor.

5) Pepper Ball Guns

Pepper ball guns, also known as Pepper Blaster guns, are very effective if used properly. Use this weapon to deter would-be burglars and intruders. The best pepper ball guns are the Joule Umarex TR-50 and 16 Joule Umarex HDS .68. They are incredibly powerful and safe to use.

6) Night Vision Goggles

If you want to see what the intruder is up to, then a night vision device is perfect for you. A night vision gadget is an excellent way of staying aware of the immediate area regardless of your own mobility. You can use this device as a flashlight or with infrared beams to prevent any attacks from behind your back.

7) Dummy Cameras


Intruders are deterred by the appearance of cameras. At the same time, you can use dummy cameras that won’t make a sound to scare them away. Simply hang dummy cameras upside down on your walls and as high up as possible so that they appear to be real. This is a very effective non-lethal way of scaring off intruders without revealing your location or identity.

8) Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want to install a long-term security system in their homes. In most states, it’s mandatory to have a home alarm system if you own expensive items such as jewelry or rare paintings. Home alarm systems are also useful as an immediate way to alert your neighbors or police in the event of an intruder.

The video above shows the best 5 home security systems out there in 2021 so be sure to check it out if you are looking for any home security system options.

9) Bullet Proof Glass

Bullet proof glass is a relatively new product that’s becoming increasingly popular in home security. Bullet proof glass is used to protect your windows against intruders. It’s basically a pane of glass that can withstand high-caliber bullets.

10) Baseball Bat

Having a baseball bat on hand can give you an immediate advantage over intruders. You can use a baseball bat to scare the intruder and keep him at bay until help arrives. Make sure that you have the means to call for help immediately. It can also be used to knock out an intruder before help arrives

11) Pepper Gel

Pepper gel is a non-lethal way of fending off an attacker without actually touching the intruder. It’s basically pepper spray in gel form. The best pepper gel guns are the Firestorm JPX 4 and the Kimber PepperBlaster II. They are also small enough to carry in your hand or in your purse when needed. 

12) Your Fists

The best weapon you have against an intruder is your own body. You can use your fists or any other part of your body as weapons to ward off an attack until help arrives. Make sure you’re well trained in martial arts and have mastered several hand-to-hand combat techniques before using this technique.

For more self defense tips using your own bare hands, be sure to check out one of our most popular self defense articles about Krav Maga For Beginners (What You Need to Know).

How to defend yourself while waiting for help to arrive

Picture this: It’s a dark and stormy night. You’re sound asleep in your bed when suddenly, you hear a noise coming from the hall. Maybe it’s a mouse, maybe it’s a burglar–you’re not sure what it is. It could be either one of them–or maybe even both at the same time!

What do you do? If you want to protect yourself from whatever danger might lurk out there, use the following techniques to defend yourself while waiting for help to arrive or while trying to call 911:

1) Get up and get away from your bed before they see you.

2) Don’t turn on the lights. You might attract the intruder’s attention.

3) Open a window or door a little to keep the intruder from seeing where you are. If you can, make sure it’s facing away from your bed so that they can’t look inside and see what you’re doing.

4) Call out for help while trying to hide. If there’s a lamp near your headboard, pull it over yourself or under the sheets so that you make enough noise to distract the intruder as well as calling for help and giving away your location.

6) If you have pepper spray or another weapon with you, then use it as soon as it’s safe to do so. Don’t wait until the intruder is clearly in your sight. Take cover behind a piece of furniture or under the bed while using pepper spray liberally. You might want to use the aim-point setting on your pepper spray or disable your alarm system before using your pepper spray.

7) Try to keep calm even though you’re scared out of your wits by what’s happening.

8) If you can get to your phone, then call 911 while trying to call for help. Don’t give out your location unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so.

9) If you can hide in a closet or under a bed, then do so immediately. Use any items available as weapons for protection before the intruder finds out where you are and comes after you again. Lock all doors and windows that are not already closed–this will prevent the intruder from coming after you again if they leave unopposed.

Protecting yourself from intruders has never been more important. You can defend yourself from an attacker by using a variety of non-lethal home security devices. They’re designed to scare off intruders without harming or killing them. 

Be sure to use whatever devices are appropriate for your situation and location. The best way to protect yourself is to use a combination of home security techniques–not just one or two. In addition, make sure you have the means available for contacting the police as quickly as possible once you get attacked.


It’s never a good idea to scare off intruders unless you have to–but if it’s the only way out, then do it. There are several ways to defend yourself from home invaders without harming or killing them. Use whatever method that makes sense for your situation and location. Bear in mind that the best defense is a good offense and that home security systems are designed to protect you by scaring away intruders. 

The best way to stay safe at home is by keeping all of your doors and windows locked at all times and having devices in place that will allow you to call for help quickly when necessary. In addition, make sure you have an escape plan for yourself and your family-especially if you live in a high crime area.

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3 thoughts on “12 Non-Lethal But Very Effective Weapons For Home Security”

  1. Nice article, but what is a “Police Magnum pepperball gun”?

    I’ve looked at TONS of Pepperball launchers, but never saw one called a “Police Magnum”.

    I own several Pepperball launchers (one for every adult family member), including a 24 Joule Umarex TR-50, a 16 Joule Umarex HDS .68, Sabre SL7, Tippmann TiPX, and a Byrna SD XL.

    The Umarex launchers are good “budget” launchers, although the .50 cal Pepperballs used in the TR-50 and Umarex HDP .50 can be difficult to find, and they do not produce as big a cloud as the .68 cal.

    For the .68 cal pistols, the Byrna SD XL is at the top of my list. It is the most compact, has the best ergonomics, conventional lever safety. It is fastest to deploy, because it pierces the CO2 cartridge AND fires on the first trigger pull. The Byrna does have a very sturdy magazine, compared to Tippmann/Sabre, but the standard magazine holds only 5 rounds. The Tippmann/Sabre holds 7. The Byrna XL model takes standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges… the standard model requires 8 gram cartridges, which aren’t as common.

    The Tippmann and Sabre require two trigger pulls for the first shot, and they use a crossbolt safety. The Umarex launchers require hitting a piercing device on the grip.

    Although the Tippmann TiPX and Sabre SL7 are made in the same factory and are almost identical, I prefer the Tippmann over the Sabre for several reasons:
    1. There is a tiny clause in Sabre’s warranty that says the warranty is void if you use any projectile other than Sabre… that is absurd
    2. I am not pleased with Sabre’s Customer Service. My first launcher failed right out of the box. Sabre tried to avoid replacing or repairing it because they claimed that I voided the warranty by using non-Sabre projectiles. It took a lot of arguing to get the launcher repaired
    3. You can not replace common wear items (such as o-rings) on the Sabre without voiding the warranty. The Tippman actually comes with a supply of replacement seals and o rings, and the manual goes into great detail on maintenance and repair
    4. The power level on the Sabre is non-adjustable. Tippmann is adjustable.

    I have not seen the Tippmann available in any color other than Black. I do prefer a bright color (Orange or Yellow) for non-lethal weapons to prevent them for being mistaken as real firearms

  2. These are Not “non” lethal!
    The first two are classified as less lethal for good reasons. Remember to learn what any tool can and can’t do along with how to use them before you blindly carry them. The bat just as any impact tool can kill quickly with a simple strike to certain parts of the body including head and core.
    Remember that you are liable for your actions and responsible for your safety not some anonymous person posting on social media! #AddToYourTools and choose your sources wisely

  3. This is an excellent reference that is both instructional and user-friendly. We all need one or two non-lethal weapons for self-defense from this list. But most importantly, we need to know how to use it and safe-keep it properly. I’m thinking of buying a taser baton for the car and my house.


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