How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks (Best Methods)

how to survive wild animal attacks

The last thing you want is an animal trying to rip you open. Unfortunately, that’s what you might get. At home, your pet(if you have one), with moist brown eyes, cute noses, and comforting nature, is nothing like real, man-eating animals. Animal attacks happen every single second. In fact, I can guarantee you an animal … Read more

Mosquito Repellent Bands Review (3 Best Bands)

best mosquito repellent bands

830,000 people die each year from mosquitos. Will you be the next? Mosquitoes are horrible insects, and you need to get rid of them with the most reliable and best mosquito repellent band. Mosquitoes and other biting insects(which these bands will also cover) are big problems for those who enjoy the outdoors.  Mosquitoes killed 830,000 … Read more

39 Survival Hacks That Could Actually Save Your Life

39 survival hacks

In this article, I will cover 39 survival hacks that could save your life. Modern technology has made life significantly easier. We all take modern technology for granted, given the fact that when those gadgets fail us, we’re done for.  Even though you probably won’t be in too many of those scenarios, it’s still good … Read more

5 Dead Wrong Survival Tips (With Solutions)

commonly thought but wrong survival tips

In this article, I will cover some wrong survival tips you probably have heard. These survival tips are wrong, so they are myths. I will correct these myths, so you only have the correct information. Let’s jump right in. 1. Wrong Survival Tip: Ration Water Myth:  If you are lost and have a limited water … Read more