6 Best Ways to Make Emergency Candles [Ultimate Guide]

6 Best Ways to Make Emergency Candles

This article will detail the six ways you can make an emergency candle a fail-safe for when there’s an electricity outage, and you need to keep some lights on. The issue with power outages is that we never know when they will occur. Even with adequate warning of an impending storm, we often get caught … Read more

WD40 Alternatives [6 Best Substitutes to Use for 2023]

Top 5 Best WD40 Alternatives

Are you tired of constantly reaching for your can of WD40 to fix everything from squeaky doors to stuck zippers? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to some environmentally friendly and budget-friendly WD40 alternatives that will have all of your household problems solved in a snap. We will list the top … Read more

How Long Do MREs Last? [The Correct Answer You Must Know]

How Long Do MREs Last

This article will teach you everything that you need to know about MREs’ shelf life, including tons of tips and techniques you can use to preserve your MRE. MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) provide a complete, pre-cooked meal that is ready to eat in any situation. MREs are rationed in sealed packaging lighter than a … Read more

How to Use Oxygen Absorbers? [The Right Way for 2023]

variety of oxygen absorbers laid out

This article will give you the simplest straightforward guide and the most uncomplicated steps on how to use oxygen absorbers. Most beginners had no idea how to use oxygen absorbers when they started looking into food storage. But what they do know is that it will come in handy, especially for someone who constantly stores … Read more

Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Vacuum Seal Flour

flour in a bowl with rolling pin on the side

This post will go over five of the best reliable techniques about how to vacuum seal flour so you won’t need to buy flour for the next several years. An essential staple that everyone should have on hand is flour, which you should keep in a separate pantry section for emergencies.  Besides being a delicious … Read more

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Whether you’re new to prepping or want to learn advanced strategies, this is your hub for all knowledge. Learn defense, homestead, survival, food preparation, and much more. These guides will give you the rundown on everything you need to know to become a prepper. Scroll to access free content Home Defense 2022 Home Burglary Statistics: … Read more

Prepper Mistakes: Mistakes Experienced Preppers Make In 2023

mistakes most beginner preppers will make

A lot of people get into prepping as a way to prepare for disasters, but it is possible to take things too far. At first, it seems like more gear is always good, and that stockpiling will ensure you’ll never run out. Admit it, though, you know that is not the case. It is important … Read more