Does WD40 Conduct Electricity? [What You Need to Know]

does wd40 conduct electricity

Have you ever encountered electrical issues that you thought could be solved with WD40? Have you ever wondered if WD40 could be a good conductor of electricity? Does WD40 conduct electricity? The answer is no. WD-40 is not a conductor of electricity but an insulator with a low dielectric strength of 35KV. It is designed … Read more

.177 vs. .22 for Squirrel

.177 vs. .22 for squirrel

This article is staged in an FAQ style – this means that each independent section is meant to answer the query as a standalone resource. This will mean that some of the information may be duplicated in this article over several questions if the same information might apply. This may mean that the article will … Read more

3MOA vs. 6MOA – a definitive guide to understanding dot reticles

3MOA vs. 6MoA

3MOA vs. 6MOA – Frequently Asked Questions; Comprehensive Information about using a Red Dot Optic with a 3MOA or a 6MOA Dot A dot reticle optic is a commonplace option for those looking for quick target acquisition and ease of use in a heads up style display. This article compilation seeks to explain the important … Read more

How to Store Grits Long Term [What You Should Know]

how to store grits

You might have come by a sale and bought a big bulk of grits. Now you might think to yourself how to store all these grits so it can be used later on. This is a good question since you probably can’t eat a big bulk of grits right away. So, how to store grits … Read more

How to Make a Spiked Bat? [Ultimate Tutorial]

how to make a spiked bat

So, you’re at home watching a Netflix zombie movie, and you see the protagonist swinging the bat into a zombie. So, you think to yourself, “hey, can I make one of these?” I’m here today to tell you yes you can, and you’ll learn how to make one in this article. How to make a … Read more

44 Special vs. 44 Magnum – The most comprehensive guide ever including FAQ’s

.44 Special vs. .44 Magnum

What are some details about .44 Special vs. .44 Magnum including some basic ballistic information and pressures, load types and other assorted information for the difference between a .44 Special and a .44 magnum? The .44 Special and .44 Magnum are both centerfire handgun cartridges with a caliber of .44 inches. However, they have some … Read more

Survival Uses for Steel Wool [20 Uses You Didn’t Know]

survival uses for steel wool

Have you ever thought about how useful steel wool could be in a survival situation? This common household item is actually a versatile tool that can come in handy in a variety of ways.  From starting fires to deterring pests, steel wool has many practical applications that can help you out in a pinch.  Here … Read more

Is Reloading Ammo Safe? [What You Need to Know]

is reloading ammo safe

Are you a gun enthusiast or hunter looking to save money on ammunition? If so, reloading ammunition may be a great option for you. Not only can reloading save you money, but it can also give you more control over the performance of your ammunition.  Reloading ammunition is a safe and rewarding process, but it … Read more