PODCAST: Preparedness Mindset – Keeping your AR-15 Reliable

Podcast about the AR-15 from a Prepper and Gun Expert’s perspective.

This podcast is for those who want to hear about a prepper’s take on maintenance, preparation and basic understanding of using an AR-15 for long-term durability and reliability. 

The podcast is by RoH, a contributor to Defiel.com. Defiel.com makes no recommendations on any advertisement or links that may be included on part of this podcast. 

Nevertheless, we have been authorized to use this podcast online and it is a contributing author’s content which is applicable to this audience. 

We also believe the quality of content is at a high level, but still approachable by novice users, or those who are new to guns, firearms content, or other shooting sports, and affiliated concepts. 

Parts included in the podcast for general AR-15 Maintenance

We’d love to hear your feedback on whether this type of content is helpful. We’d also love to know if there are improvements that can be made. 

Furthermore, we want to see if you like audio-style content, and are very interested in whether you like the length, style, and other specifics about this gun podcast

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