You Can Refill BIC Lighter: The Best Beginner’s Guide

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This article will guide you through what tools you’ll need, steps to follow, advantages to consider, and the precautions to take in refilling a BIC lighter. 

In the case of an emergency, you need to ensure that you have access to anything that can make setting up a fire easier. A BIC cigarette lighter is one of the most dependable fire enablers. But the question is: can you refill a BIC lighter?

You can, indeed, refill a BIC butane lighter. This lighter helps light a stove to prepare food, a lamp to provide light, or even an emergency technique of wound sterilization.

If you found a refillable BIC light but don’t know what materials you will need, how to do it, wondering what’s the advantage of doing so and what you need to watch out for, this article has your back. 

Let’s dive in and get you started refilling a BIC lighter in case of an emergency.

Refilling a BIC Lighter: What You'll Need

fired up lighter held on hand

To ensure your safety, and according to BIC’s official website, you have to know that BIC does not encourage having BIC lighters refilled. This guide’s objective is to merely give you a direction if you need a lighter in an emergency and don’t have the convenience of purchasing one.

Now that that’s settled let’s go ahead and identify all the materials you’ll need.

Starting with, of course, your BIC cigarette lighter. You may use lighter fluid in a jar with a nozzle to refill the BIC lighter, sandpaper or file pliers, clippers, a screwdriver, or some wire cutters. You can also prepare a safety pin, a push pin, or a paper clip.

And there you have it. You’re all set!

BIC Butane Lighter Refilling Instructions

fuel refilling canister pointed at the bottom of a BIC lighter

You can quickly get most of the tools you’ll need in any grocery store or convenience store. There are a few procedures to take once you’re ready to refill your BIC lighter.

To begin, make sure the lighter is empty of lighter fluid. Otherwise, this might be a dangerous situation.

Try rotating the spark wheel on the BIC lighter to ignite it. Shake it or smack it against anything hard if it doesn’t ignite. It’s undoubtedly empty if you don’t hear anything within the BIC lighter.

Next, locate the ball bearing by turning the empty BIC lighter upside down. Then, grab a safety pin, a paper clip, or a pushpin. With it, push the ball bearing out of the BIC lighter.

You can try to open the fuel reservoir. This step is another opportunity to double-check that the BIC lighter is empty before proceeding.

And then, drive the nozzle of your butane or lighter fluid bottle into the reservoir aperture while it is open. At this point, you can now fill the BIC lighter with lighter fluid by turning the canister over. Filling the BIC lighter entirely should take about 30 seconds.

When filling the BIC lighter, press down firmly on the aperture to prevent any butane from seeping out. Then, drive the safety pin or put the pin back into the canister once you’ve finished replenishing the BIC lighter with butane fuel. This step should make sure that you close it up.

Now, take your pliers, clippers, or wire cutters. Use these to snap the pushpin or safety pin’s end off. This portion will prevent the lighter fluid from seeping out of the BIC lighter.

Finally, get your sandpaper or file (on Amazon). You can use it to file the end of a pushpin or safety pin to remove the safety hazard and lower the risk of injury.

Here’s a bonus video you can also use as a guide if you’re not sure if you’ve got everything covered.

Pros and Precautions

Now that you know the tools and steps in refilling a BIC lighter let’s talk about the most significant benefits.

It’s easier to refill the BIC lighter from the bottom since all you have to do is drill a hole in the bottom, fill it with butane gas, then close it up. To refill it from the bottom, you won’t have to disassemble any of the BIC lighter’s functioning parts.

Also, if you open the lighter from the bottom instead of the top, you can quickly verify that it is empty. If you refill the BIC lighter from the bottom, you lessen the risk of hurting yourself or the lighter.

Since butane gas can easily cause fire hazards, we also need to cover the things you need to watch out for. While you may refill your BIC lighter from the top, you should be aware of the risks. It requires extra steps, which makes it more difficult and complex.

It is a must for you to go through the operational mechanics of the BIC lighter, which means you risk breaking it. If you don’t fill the BIC lighter from the top appropriately, it might become hazardous, putting you and others in danger.

A functional lighter is a best-case scenario for refilling a lighter from the top, just as if you filled it from the bottom. The worst-case situation is that the lighter breaks, posing a safety risk. Thus, always refill a BIC lighter rather than the top from the bottom.

Last Words

As a final thought, yes, most lighters can be refilled with new lighter fluid. You would never have to think about getting a new one, and you’ll save money.

Some lighters, like Zippo lighters, are designed to be refilled. The procedure is simple to follow and much safer as Zippo intended to be refillable, unlike BIC lighters.

Other lighters, such as BIC lighters, are not designed to be refilled but may be readily refilled by poking a small hole in the refill valve. Refilling your BIC lighter extends its lifespan!

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