11 Riot Survival Tips from a Prepper That You Must Know

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I am here to give you great insights on how to survive a riot.

A large mob of angry people can cause a lot of damage. Riots can be more dangerous than a natural disaster. Riots can form from racial, religious, political, terroristic, economic, or social causes.

You might be thinking, “well, I’ll just walk away from the riot,” unfortunately. It may not be that simple. However, following some simple tips, your chances of surviving a riot increase exponentially by making this article on how to survive a riot.

Before checking out these points, I would recommend not partaking in any intentional rioting whatsoever because that can get you arrested. These riot survival tips are for people who happen to end up in a riot.

Let’s check the tips out.

1. The Escape Route to Survive a Riot


If you are located in an area that is vulnerable to riots, you should definitely plan out an escape route using something like https://www.google.com/maps to find your route.

It is better to be prepared, so when worst happens, you know exactly what to do.

If you visit a location, it is always good to study a map for a good five minutes to analyze the routes around your area.

If you work in a place prone to riots, study your work area’s map, to see all the possible escape routes.

Finally, carrying small amounts of cash is good, just in case you have to pay for transportation or pay off looters.

2. Keep Friends and Family Close to Survive a Riot


If you are not alone, you should definitely grip hands or lock elbows. If you’re with a child, either carry the child or hold their arms to avoid trampling. Stay close and make sure everyone is okay at all times.

3. Stay Calm to Survive a Riot

A riot is clearly not a calm environment. Try to stay calm, because that will help you think with more clarity. Your adrenaline and survival instincts will probably arise, but it is always important to remain calm. Here are a few tips to help you remain calm. Avoid running into anyone, and don’t make eye contact.

4. Drive Carefully to Survive a Riot


Unless you are being harmed in your car, you should drive carefully. Try to stay clear of streets full of people, try to find alternative routes.

However, if you are forced to go through a crowd, you don’t want to hit anyone, and if someone blocks your car, honk until they get out of the way. 

You don’t want to drive too slow, because that might attract unwanted attention and you don’t want to drive too fast, because you don’t want any injuries. The correct speed should be moderate.

You are in the position of power in the situation where you run into a big crowd, so don’t stop unless you absolutely must.

5. Never get involved to Survive a Riot


You don’t want to get involved in these things. If you are trying to walk away, and you get caught, or someone wants to fight you, you don’t want to take sides, help out with the riot, or stand out. You should not be in the center of the riot, instead, as far away as possible at all times.

6. Try to Move to a Secure Area to Survive a Riot


Entering a locked area(basement, sub-basement), possibly in a hotel, will secure you. Riots usually take place on the streets.

Being in an enclosed area does decrease the chances of a fire, but always try to hear if there there is a large mob outside, enclosing on the building, because if there is, you may be in danger to projectiles and fires.

You should know where some close exits are, just in case you need to leave fast.

7. Use Social Media to Survive a Riot

Seek information to alert you on where not to go. Rioters use social media to target locations, and you can use social media to stray away from those particular areas.

8. Cover Your Skin to Survive a Riot


Try to avoid exposing too much skin, because you definitely don’t want to seem open. Do not wear any clothing that may be interpreted as a police or military wear.

In addition to that, try not to wear a black hoodie, since that may associate yourself as a rioter. 

9. Carry the solution for tear gas to Survive a Riot

If there is a riot, there will be tear gas. Carrying a solution for tear gas will be helpful during a riot. However, if you don’t have an answer, rinsing your eyes is an answer that will help your eyes.

10. Keep Your Documents on Person to Survive a Riot


You always want things like your passport on hand. Just in the case where you are arrested, you can show them these documents. If you are unconscious and help arrives, the passport will also help them.

Be sure to keep your documents on your person SAFELY. The last thing you want is someone walking around claiming to be you!

11. Only Have the Things You Need

You should not bring a phone that is on. Always off your phone because you don’t want anyone snatching your phone.

This one is obvious – don’t have anything on you that you can get arrested for. It’s not worth it.

Another obvious point that is often made is wearing jewelry. In a large mob, you can expect many muggers.


In this article, I covered how to survive a riot. Thank you for reading this article. I really hope this helps you in one way or another.

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