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Browse articles in the Food Hacks and Learning Category What Not to Plant With Tomatoes [And What Works!] Joel Lim • September 30, 2022 • Food • No Comments In This ArticleWhat Not to Plant With Tomatoes1. Cabbage2. Corn3. Eggplant4. Fennel5. Dill6. Walnut7. PotatoWhat to Plant With Tomatoes for Max Growth1. Go to Article >> … Read more

Food Articles – Food Storage and Preservation

Browse articles in the Food Storage and Preservation Category Can You Eat Spam Raw? [What You Need to Know] Joel Lim • October 2, 2022 • Food • No Comments In This ArticleCan You Eat Spam Raw?Can You Eat Spam Cold?Is Spam Healthy?What is Spam?Does Spam Go Bad?Signs Spam Has Gone BadFinal Go to Article … Read more

9 Signs of Canned Food Going Bad [Your Complete Guide]

how to tell if your canned food is expired

Imagine this: You just found a can of beans on your kitchen table. You shake it and hear the contents slosh around inside, and nothing appears to be leaking out.  Of course, you’re happy because you saved a fortune by grabbing this canned food from the discount bin at your local grocery store before it … Read more

How to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily [10 Best Ways]

10 Ways to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily

Are you tired of throwing away spoiled food and wasting money? Learn how to prevent food spoilage and save money on your grocery bill. With a few simple techniques and the right storage methods, you can keep your food fresher for longer and reduce your food waste. Food deterioration is the process by which food … Read more

Best Ways to Build a 6-Month Food Supply For Survival

food cans, bread, water bottle, lamp and first aid kit on a wooden table

This article is the key to your survival preparation as it equips you with everything you need to know to understand the benefits of stocking food that’s good for six months. When you go off the grid, it takes time to adjust. But do you need to hoard a six-month supply of food? Yes, it … Read more

11 Food Storage Myths You Should Know ASAP

11 Food Storage Myths You Should Know ASAP

In this article, I will cover 11 food storage myths you should know ASAP. There are several websites that provide information on survival issues, including food preservation. Most provide reliable facts, but there are a few food storage myths that many people believe without a doubt. It is obvious that the methods and guidelines for … Read more


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Homestead Articles – Home and Comfort

Browse articles in the Home and Comfort Category Do Mice Like Peanut Butter? [Definitive Guide] Joel Lim • October 7, 2022 • Preparedness • No Comments In This ArticleDo Mice Like Peanut Butter?How to Catch Mice with Peanut Butter? Other Methods to Catch Mice GlueboardBait StationOther Foods That Go to Article >> Home & Comfort, … Read more

What Not to Store in Garage [22 Common Things!]

things you shouldnt store in your garage like medication canned goods bedsheets and paint

It is amazing how many things a garage can hold. But you don’t want to store too many things in your garage, as it could become a fire hazard or attract animals that want to make a home with all that surplus space. With these tips, you will have a clear idea what should not … Read more

Do Pop Tarts Expire? [Expiration Info & More]

can pop tarts expire

So, you have some pop tarts, wondering, ‘do pop tarts expire?’ Pop tarts are very tasty and sweet. It’s a big family favorite too! – These sweet pastries are good for breakfast and only need a few minutes of warm-up in the toaster. Pop tarts typically do not have an expiration date. They have a … Read more