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How to Treat a Venomous Snake Bite Correctly

In this article, you will learn how to treat a venomous snake bite in the wild. There are only a few lethal

does eating snow dehydrate you

You might ask yourself, ‘does eating snow dehydrate you?’ Eating snow seems like a good idea at first. Perhaps it’s because the

39 survival hacks

Modern technology has made life significantly more accessible. However, there are times when knowing some hacks or good old home remedies is

10 Common First Aid Myths That May Seriously Injure You

This article debunks 10 common first aid myths that may seriously injure or kill you, and what you should do instead. While there

When Is It Too Late to Use a Butterfly Bandage? Best Guide 2022

Learn: When Is It Too Late to Use a Butterfly Bandage? Why Would You Use Butterfly Bandages?Having butterfly bandages, and even being trained

Triangular Bandage Uses: The Best 2022 Guide

This article will be your quick course on triangular bandage uses as we walk you through its definition and ways you can

What Do You Need to Know to Get the Best Mylar Blanket?

This article will guide you on all the things you need to know about a Mylar blanket, its purpose, and the quality

Putting Salt on Wounds Is it the Best First Aid

This article will look into the phrase “to rub salt into a wound” and explore its literal meaning in terms of actual

13 First Aid Skills That May Save Your Life

In this article, you will learn 13 basic first aid skills that everyone should know. You never know when an emergency will

survival medical kit the ultimate guide
how to make penicillin at home

Here, I will show you exactly how to make natural penicillin at home, in a simple and clear way. Penicillin is a

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