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what to pack to crystal lake
what type of smoke signal indicates an emergency

So, you’re lost and you don’t know what to do. That’s the situation you don’t want to be in, ever. It isn’t

does wd40 freeze

So, you have a bottle of WD40, because it can be sued for so many things and you’re wondering, ‘does WD40 freeze’?

why are 410 shells so expensive

So, you stumbled upon some 410 shells, and you look at the price tag. You can’t believe the price you see! They

will a 9mm kill a bear

So, you have a 9MM gun, and you’re wondering how powerful it really is. It’s often thought of as a weak gun

can a bullet go through brick

So, you might have wondered, can a bullet go through brick? Brick, as you know is a hard material and bullets are

will a little gas hurt a diesel engine

So, you’ve accidentally put a little gas into your diesel engine, or maybe you’re just wondering, ‘will a little gas hurt a

How to Treat a Venomous Snake Bite Correctly

In this article, you will learn how to treat a venomous snake bite in the wild. There are only a few lethal

Can your generator get wet and still function?

So, you live in rainy weather, or maybe you’ve accidentally sprayed your generator with your hose. You’re thinking to yourself – ‘can

does eating snow dehydrate you

You might ask yourself, ‘does eating snow dehydrate you?’ Eating snow seems like a good idea at first. Perhaps it’s because the

do onions kill rats

Rats can be annoying – they eat a lot, contaminate things with urine and feces, and even spread disease. The worse part

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Netflix features a variety of apocalyptic films currently available for on-demand streaming.  Below is a list of our recommended Netflix apocalyptic movies,

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