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how safe is your neighborhood tools to kind out

Safety is of utmost importance, especially in your neighborhood. The crime rate in your community impacts everything from your home’s resale value

how to make hardtack a prepper cracker

Many newbie trekkers and campers make the mistake of packing everyday snacks with them instead of nutritious and healthy foods.  They are

39 survival hacks

Modern technology has made life significantly more accessible. However, there are times when knowing some hacks or good old home remedies is

commonly thought but wrong survival tips

Survivalist TV shows have gained popularity over the years. Think Man vs. Wild and Dual Survival. People who have lived their entire

power outage home preparation preppers

Here are 9 of the best emergency lights on the market for when that inevitable blackout occurs. When the power goes out,

krav maga for beginners

Krav Maga is a mixed martial arts fighting technique developed by the military. It is one of the best hand–to-hand combat styles popular

Crime Prevention Tips to Avoid Being an Easy Target

This guide will go over safety practices and crime prevention tips to lower or eliminate the chances of being targeted as victims. 

10 Common First Aid Myths That May Seriously Injure You

This article debunks 10 common first aid myths that may seriously injure or kill you, and what you should do instead. While there

krav maga techniques

I have always wondered how I would react if faced with a dangerous attacker on the street. Thankfully, I am a black belt

urban survival skills

Urban survival skills are essential for today’s environment, whether you are a prepper or not. The world is a dangerous place, and

survival knots you need to know for survival and escape

This guide will cover all the essential survival knots step-by-step you will ever need to know. These knots are essential because they

how to start a fire in the wild

This article will show you how to start a fire in the wild with 7 of my favorite techniques. There is a

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