11 Holocaust Survival Lessons That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

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In this article, I will be going over the 11 holocaust survival lessons that will absolutely change your outlook on life.

Holocaust survivors had to face extremely cruel times, where they only had spirit and the ability to adapt. They have seen the darkest of humanity and will now provide us insights on how they managed to survive the holocaust.

This data is retrieved from holocaust survivors, children of holocaust survivors, and various historians.

These survival lessons and tips will guide you through tough times and may inspire you, but in a real-time real life scenario, an outdoor survival kit would be far more practical. We go over how to make one in our How to Make A Reliable Outdoor Survival Kit.

Let’s dive straight in.

Survival Lesson #1. When Responding to Situations, Choose Your Choices Carefully

survival lesson choose your choices carefully

The first survival lesson is that we cannot control other people’s choices. However, we can choose how to react to situations. You will always have the freedom to choose how to respond to situations.

Holocaust survivors are not here today because of luck or miracles. Holocaust survivors are here because of the choices they made and their actions.

A great quote from Man’s Search For Meaning is, “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

Survival Lesson #2. Perseverance is Key

perseverance spirit strong spirit holocaust

A survivor’s ability to persevere and never give up during any experience is one of the best survival traits. Survivors must be prepared to fight against challenges they may face. 

Your spirit should never be broken, you should never give up, and you should never give in. This is definitely an important survival lesson. One way to maintain a strong spirit, and to do that, you need to learn Krav Maga Techniques for self defense and more importantly, a strong spirit.

Survival Lesson #3. Always Adapt to New Circumstances

This is a critical step in any survival environment. Adapting is the most important survival skill in the world, so if a new situation presents itself, always adapt. You must get used to what you must do to survive.

Survival Lesson #4. Small Mistakes Can Be Magnified

survival lesson small mistakes can be maginified

Holocaust survivors had to quickly realize that any mistake can easily snowball into something as large as death. For example, if you break a leg, then you will have a world of problems in a places that either doesn’t offer proper medical care, or even medical care at all.

You should always strive to be careful with whatever you are doing. If you want to be careful with whatever you are doing, you must always strive to be prepared. 

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Survival Lesson #5. Positivity Over Negativity

It is essential to stay positive when a negative situation presents itself. Having a positive mindset, most of the time will help you psychologically and even physically. Having a positive attitude ensures that you won’t dwell on your own suffering.

A good practice for staying positive is to visualize moments of comfort and happiness. Perhaps family get-togethers or a game. 

Positivity also ensures that you take care of yourself properly. It may be to keep as clean as possible, or to keep up your strength.

Survival Lesson #6. In Times of Fear, Support Is Necessary

Of course, if you are a loner and you prefer to be alone over anything else, this doesn’t apply to you.

Most of us cope challenges when we don’t face them alone. There are several examples of this, such as on Fania Fainer’s 20th birthday, when 18 Auschwitz inmates made a heart-shaped booklet out of their mixed bread and water to brighten her day.

Survival Lesson #7. Always Strive to Learn

survival lesson always strive to learn

Educating yourself is a good thing is general, which will be useful one day. Many holocaust survivors picked up useful knowledge to help their children and the community learn as well. 

Many students do not use their class time wisely, and don’t end up leading useful and meaningful lives. If you are in school currently, you need to make sure that you are using your class time wisely, because these years in your life will also determine where you will end up in the coming years.

Learning is critical for growth and mental strength, and it should be easily accessible and free to everyone, and anywhere, that is why we are giving you 255 free e-books for free.

Survival Lesson #8. Meaning and Purpose is Essential

holocaust survivor meaning and purpose in life fufillment tips

According to NPR, people with a defined purpose in life actually live longer. Having a reason to get up in the morning is a great thing that will help you with survival in little ways. This may be a more useful survival lesson than you think.

Some find that helping people or having strong relationships helps with a defined purpose. For Holocaust survivors, a purpose could be to witness the atrocities and as a witness to history.

Survival Lesson #9. Don't Complain, Appreciate

Complaining makes everyone feel bad (if you are not alone.) Everyone knows about the bad, so you should strive to look for the good. Perhaps you could appreciate the simple pleasures of life, for example, family, friends, or even your health.

Survival Lesson #10. Maintain Your Health

maintain health for prepper and survival wilderness holocaust

Many survivors were determined to live and did everything in their power to do so. Mrs. A., an Auschwitz survivor from Romania, and Mrs. B., an Auschwitz survivor from Hungary, both said they managed to survive because they ate whatever they were given, no matter how bad it tasted. 

Another Auschwitz survivor stated that she made the decision to “do anything for survival.” She tried to stay as clean as possible while also maintaining her strength. 

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Survival Lesson #11. Find Your Inner Circle

Many immigrant survivors found a sense of belonging after the war by banding together to form mutual aid organizations. 

Members became surrogate families for one another, creating a supportive environment that accelerated their recovery by assisting one another in adjusting to their trauma, losses, and integration.

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All of these tips from holocaust survivors can potentially be revolutionary for you and will help you survive almost anything. A couple of takeaways from the holocaust survivors include never give up, adapt fast, try to be positive when you can, and find a defined purpose.

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