8 Best Survival Magazines [2023 Definitive Guide]

This article will go over the best American survival guide magazines.

Every now and then, I like to kick back and relax while doing some light reading. I prefer to carry a survival book or a survivalist magazine with me when I go camping. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, and I frequently pick up books that might help me with my outdoor survival skills.

I recently discovered my first prepper magazine, and I was blown away by the quantity of knowledge included therein. 

I’ve subscribed to a handful of them throughout the years, and I now have a few favorites that offer quality, consistency, and are applicable. I recommend buying up a prepper magazine; I guarantee you will be hooked!

Let’s dig in.

For a long time, this American survival guide magazine has been a market leader in its magazine area. 

This survival magazine offers high-quality material in the following topics such as survival, security, communications, and health. The American Survival Guide also produces a variety of subjects centered on survival.

2. Prepper Survival Guide

The Prepper survival guide magazine has some of the most detailed material you’ll find in a preparation magazine. It covers all of the fundamental pillars of readiness, from learning how to produce your own food to prepare for a crisis.

3. Recoil Offgrid Magazine

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Recoil offers a fresh look at urban survival, catastrophe preparedness, and emergency situations in order to assist preppers and city inhabitants who wish to be prepared – a must-read for anybody interested in the outdoors or the firearms lifestyle.

4. Backwoodsman Magazine

Backwoodsman Magazine has long been one of the survivalists’ favorite publications. If you want to see what’s within this magazine before you order or buy it, go to their website and read their free highlighted articles area. 

This magazine covers wilderness survival, bushcraft, and in-depth survival situation information.

5. Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine is unique in that it focuses on outdoor survivalist gear and tactics. The subscription is reasonably priced. If you enjoy adventure and the great outdoors, this could be the magazine for you.

6. Ballistic

This is the top guns and survival publication. This great magazine has a well-established reputation and high-quality content that features an amazing survival expert for each category. 

It’s a must-read for anybody interested in weapons or survival. It’s jam-packed with firearms, larger guns, and survival advice.

7. The New Pioneer

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This publication is excellent for providing important information on how to live an off-grid lifestyle. So, if you are a homesteader or you simply wish to be more efficient and self-sufficient, which most of us preppers do, then this magazine would be a great fit for you. 

8. Survival Edge

This magazine is all about quality. They provide thorough instructions on how to prepare for and withstand natural and man-made catastrophes, along with survival techniques. 

This magazine is always full of long-form information that is jam-packed with specifics on disaster preparedness that will aid you in almost any survival scenario. This magazine is devoid of filler.

Last Words

It would be advantageous to subscribe to any of these publications, whether you’re looking to do emergency preparedness, prepare for natural disasters, or even learn hunting. They all do an excellent job of giving relevant information. 

Most of these magazine readers are happy that they got a subscription and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is unsubscribe.

There are other more magazines that are of good quality and well worth reading, that I would encourage you to look for. But, these are the best in my experience. We hope you picked one you liked. Keep prepping!

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